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Capital Landscape | An El Dorado Hills Paving Company

Paving is one of the best ways to get the most from your landscape. Your El Dorado Hills pavers give you the opportunity to add beautiful new architecture to your landscape and give it a lot more character. Your pavers can add detail and value to: Your driveway Your walkway Your pool Your patio and more […]

El Dorado Hills Landscaping With Minimal Upkeep

What if there was a way to completely redo your El Dorado Hills landscape design in a way that would require minimal upkeep? What if you could have a brand new landscape, and that landscape involved: No Water No Mowing No Upkeep of Any Kind You’re already overworked. Water is expensive. El Dorado Hills is […]

What Are Some of the Most Popular El Dorado Hills Landscape Designs?

El Dorado Hills is just a short drive away from our home base, so at Capital Landscape we work with a lot of homeowners that live in and around the area. Perhaps the best part about El Dorado Hill is that the entire city is practically a work of art. Every home and every property […]

Grass Cycling

Grass cycling AND Mowing: Grass cycling is all about mowing your lawn in different patterns to reduce your landscapes indents and grass patterns. When you mow in the same direction, over time your Roseville front yard will develop little rivets in the ground that will cause poor irrigation and can leads to lawn disease. If […]

Lawn Disease Prevention and management

What Is a Lawn Disease? Healthy lawns are essential to maintaining the value and curb appeal of your home. As you take care of your Roseville landscape it is vital to make sure that you can easily and efficiently establish a strong lawn and turf. Giving your lawn deep roots and a well-established feel will […]

How to care for Flowers

Potted Flowers: For flower care, potted flowers need special care an attention you wouldn’t usually pay to other flowers. For example, you need to consider drainage and the substance of the pot itself. Post made of clay or other products often absorbs water and keep the plants from absorbing it themselves. Opt for plastic or […]

Best Types of Mowers

Capital Landscape and Grass vs. Artificial Turf Here at Capital Landscape we always recommend artificial or synthetic turf first, the real stuff is water consuming and time consuming. We offer many different promotions for landscape designs that include artificial turf as a replacement for their grass. With that being said, landscaping generally includes the real […]

Tree Care: Disease Prevention

How to Tell If Your Roseville Tree is Sick? Trees are a beautiful feature of any Roseville landscape. In fact, many people take pride in the growth and spread of their trees and their beauty. When you have made such an investment of time and energy into your trees, you may notice when it starts […]

Grass Option for Sacramento Landscaping

landscaping Sacramento

Landscaping Sacramento Planting New Grass Now that spring is less than 6 weeks away, you’ll want to begin thinking about grass and grass alternatives for your Sacramento yards. With so many options available for your home whether it be in Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Lincoln, or even auburn, your landscape can be the most beautiful it’s […]

Biggest Lawn care Mistakes

Mind the Grass Your Roseville lawn is more sensitive than you may know. With so many landscape design options you probably think your biggest mistake has nothing to do with your grass but in reality, letting your lawn go long periods of time without properly caring for it will destroy the biggest installment in your […]