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Most homeowners spend the majority of their time in their backyard. The backyard has privacy, more space for playing, and a quality landscape can be a great way to make your house more functional for your needs. But it’s your front yard that actually has some of the greatest impact. Your front yard is the last thing you see when you leave for work and the first thing you see when you come home. It’s the first impression that your home makes on others, and one of the first things that buyers look at when trying out your home’s “value.”

Front Yard Landscape Design in Sacramento

Because front yards are so important, front yard landscaping should be one of the first priorities of a homeowner, and at Capital Landscape, we’re proud to provide front yard landscape design and installation in Roseville, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Rancho Cordova and more. We provide every single type of front yard design service, including:

Is your front yard hurting your reputation?

Your front yard is the first thing anyone sees when they visit your home. It is your first impression. And your front yard says a lot about you. If it is shabby, overgrown, bare, or ugly, people will assume that you don’t take care of the things in your life. You may simply be too busy to go outside and mess with your front yard, but to everyone else your shabby front yard makes you look unsavory. You don’t need to spend your whole life tending your flower beds, though. You can have a beautiful front yard that reflects well on you and makes your home one of the most admired in the neighborhood, all without ever even putting on a pair of gardening gloves!

Front Yard Landscape Design of your Dreams!

Here at Capital Landscape Design, we will give you the front yard landscape design of your dreams. We will work with you to make sure we understand your artistic vision perfectly, and we will implement it professionally and efficiently. You are just a phone call away from having the front yard you have always dreamed of! There are many different choices for your front yard landscape design at your Sacramento home. For example, many people want a lush, green lawn on their front yard. But did you know that an artificial grass lawn looks even more beautiful and will save you tons of money and time from not having to mow or weed it?

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

Another low-maintenance and high-impact option is ground cover. There are many plants that thrive in dry environments such as Sacramento, grow low to the ground so that you don’t have to mow them, and provide a big effect. Of course, you may enjoy getting out and taking care of your plants every day. If you like to work in your front yard, you might want a higher maintenance design, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the professional assistance of Capital Landscape Design. Our front yard landscape design services will help you plan out your perfect front yard oasis that will just keep growing more and more beautiful year after year. If you want a gorgeous front yard landscape design that will impress your friends and make your neighbors jealous, call Capital Landscape Design today for a free estimate!

Capital Landscape – Leader in Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

These are just some examples of the services you can receive from our Greater Sacramento front yard landscaping company. We’re proud to be one of the leading providers of front yard and backyard landscaping, and with our trained architects/designers and affordable installation experts, you can have the front yard that you’ve always dreamed of. Landscape your front yard to add value to your home and make a better first impression. Find out about front yard landscaping from Capital Landscape! Contact us today at (916)783-5080 to find out more about our landscaping services, and let’s discuss ways to turn your front yard into the envy of the block.

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