What is Landscape Curbing?

One of the most forgotten components of an attractive landscape design is landscape curbing. When you picture a landscape, you picture a clean and visually inviting space that complements your home and creates an aesthetically pleasing view that draws in the eye.

But what is it that gives a landscape its clean appearance? Many will point to the plants or turf, but the truth is that landscapes often benefit from what’s known as “landscape curbing.”

How Landscape Curbing Improves Curb Appeal

Imagine we’re called to a home in Roseville or Sacramento or El Dorado Hills or what have you, and the homeowner wants to create a landscape that is reminiscent of a beautiful bed and breakfast – a place that looks like an art piece.

We can install all of the grass and ambient lighting that we want, but if they simply run up against the house and all over the yard, then the home will be without those sharp lines and focus. As the grass grows, everything around the home will start to blend.

Landscape curbing creates those edges and boundary lines that you see with well designed landscapes. It creates a clear separation between turf and gardens or dirt or trees, etc. You can see it in the photo below:


If it wasn’t for landscape curbing, the ground and turf would blend together. But with curbing, even if the turf grows it will both:

  • Be unable to take over any additional space.
  • Not interrupt the visual effects of the landscape.

Curbing (sometimes called landscape edging) allow that permanent border between all parts of the landscape, and are a great way to ensure that your new design will last for years to come. While the above photo shows brick, curbing is often completed with concrete and other materials that have been perfected to go with any type of lawn.

If you’re interested in landscape curbing and edging in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, or any other city around Northern California, give Capital Landscape a call today. We’d love an opportunity to show you our landscape curbing options or talk to you about your entire landscape design.

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