What Do You Need to Remember to Do After Your Landscape is Completed?

Lawn Care in Sacramento

Once you’ve had your landscape completed and it’s exactly to your liking, it will need to be maintained. Some landscape styles, like Xeriscaping from Capital Landscape, do involve little maintenance because they are made with fewer plants and often does not require water.

But other landscapes – especially those with a lot of turf and rich in plant-life – will need to be maintained in order to keep up their appearance. The following are some things to keep in mind as you maintain your landscape for years to come.

Landscape Maintenance Tips

  • Mowing/Watering

The two most basic maintenance tips are still the most important. Landscape upkeep relies on proper mowing and watering if you hope to not only maintain a beautiful green lawn, but also fight weeds and disease. Mow 1/3rd of the length of the grass at any given time, and water deeply thrice per week rather than shallow every day. Even though it is hot in Sacramento, a shallow watered lawn will have shorter and weaker roots.

  • Weed Control

You may also want to strongly consider a regular weed control service. Weeds are notoriously invasive, and they do not care that you recently completed a brand new landscape. At Capital Landscape, we supply you with comprehensive weed control upon completion of the project, but there is no such thing as permanent weed control and the effects will fade quickly without regular maintenance.

  • Aeration and Seeding

Once a year you may also want to consider core aeration and seeding services.  This is where you loosen the soil and then re-seed to create a lush, thicker lawn. Core aeration and seeding will completely refresh your turf, and create thatch so thick that weeds and lawn disease will be choked out.

  • pH Testing and Liming

The acidity of the soil can affect how green the lawn looks and how healthy your plants are. While Sacramento and Roseville are both not necessarily known for their acidic soil, getting your soil tested once in a while and adding lime if your soil is too acidic is always a good idea. Many lawn care companies will provide pH testing for free as part of their lime package.

  • Quick Response

If you notice any problems with a feature of your new landscape – for example, cracking rocks or a damaged pond – fixing the issue quickly is important so that the problem doesn’t manifest into other areas of the landscape. While we use only the highest quality landscape architecture, time can cause damage to any type of structure, so it is best to contact us quickly if you see any problems rather than wait and “live with it.”

  • Lawn Disease Prevention

You’ll also want to consider a lawn disease prevention service. Lawn disease – which are almost entirely fungi – are notoriously difficult to remove. A single spore can leave your lawn infected for the rest of time. It is easier to prevent lawn disease than to treat lawn disease, so consider a lawn disease company that can regularly lay down the right fungicides and improve the life of your lawn.

  • Pruning and General Maintenance

Finally, you may simply want to consider working with a landscape maintenance company. While landscapes can last for decades and the quality of a great landscape never fades, most landscapes are an art form. Working with a company that can manage your landscape architecture in and around your home is a great way to ensure that you’re always able to maintain the amazing landscape you paid for.

Creating and Maintaining Your Landscape

At Capital Landscape, we pride ourselves on our design and quality. But the Sacramento weather is rough, weeds and lawn disease are a serious problem, and the damage that landscapes can maintain from life can be severe. We have several landscaping styles that help control damage and allow for a significantly longer lasting landscape, but completing your landscape is still only the first step.

Make sure you’re aware of the landscape maintenance tips above, and no matter where you live you’ll be able to keep your landscape looking its best for years to come.

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