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Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf in Sacramento

Everyone wants a bright, green lawn all year. What you may not have considered is that your bright green grass doesn’t have to be grass at all. In Sacramento, Roseville, and all surrounding areas, one of the most popular additions to modern day landscapes is artificial grass. Xeriscaping (drought tolerant landscaping) is being heavily relied upon due to the current California and Sacramento drought and Capital Landscape is a company you can trust to design and install your Artificial Grass and Turf project when it comes to Sacramento Landscape Design.

Why Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf?

There was a time when artificial turf was considered taboo. But California is going through one of the worst droughts in history, and combined with the hot weather of the Central Valley, maintaining a traditional turf lawn is almost impossible. Local governments are even starting to pass laws that restrict water use with heavy fines. Artificial grass is the solution. As part of the new trend of xeriscaping (drought tolerant landscaping), many homeowners are looking to artificial turf as the best way to get a bright green lawn all year. Artificial turf has several advantage over traditional grass, including:

  • No Water/Little Maintenance – You never need to mow your lawn or water it, and maintenance is significantly easier.
  • No Pests – No grass and watering means fewer pests. You don’t have to worry about massive mosquito invasions or ticks covering your lawn.
  • No Dying – Artificial turf isn’t prone to the elements. Even in 100 degree weather, your “grass” will remain bright, green, and impressive to the eye.

Artificial turf is a necessary solution to California’s water issues, and when put in the hands of a trained landscape designer, your lawn will still have incredible curb appeal and be the envy of the block.

Artificial Grass Installation in Sacramento

We’re Sacramento/Roseville/El Dorado Hills/Folsom’s choice for artificial turf installation, and all forms of drought resistant landscaping. Whether you need only your lawn replaced or a complete landscaping project, contact Capital Landscape today at (916) 783-5080 and let us show you our synthetic grass options.

Landscape Design Consultation

At Capital Landscape, we have helped many home owners in the Sacramento area solve the problem of wanting beautiful lawns during a drought in a simple way: with artificial grass! Capital Landscape Design provides top quality artificial grass that looks amazing, performs perfectly, and needs no watering at all. It really is the best solution if you want to have your Sacramento yard look beautiful without spending a ton of money on water during this historic drought.

The look and feel of Natural Grass

In the past, artificial grass looked very, well, artificial. You could always tell if a golf course or a home had artificial grass installed because it was a bright, uniform shade of green that doesn’t actually happen in nature and the texture wasn’t realistic at all. That is not how artificial grass looks anymore. Now, high quality artificial grass replicates the look of healthy, natural grass so well that we are willing to bet you won’t even be able to tell the difference. With the high quality artificial grass that we provide here at Capital Landscape Design, each individual blade of grass is textured and colored a different shade than the other surrounding blades of grass. No natural lawn has every blade of grass exactly the same shade of green; instead, individual blades of grass are lighter or darker, browner or greener or yellower, and the whole effect comes together to create a lush green appearance. This is exactly what our high quality artificial grass does as well. In addition to the artistic coloring of our artificial grass, the texture is designed to look just like natural grass. Even the tips of the blades are cut slightly unevenly, as if they had been cut by a lawnmower. Our artificial grass will pass inspection – the only way your neighbors will be able to tell that it’s artificial is when they notice that they never see you watering it! The performance of artificial grass

Arificial Grass Landscape Design Sacramento

 Of course, the reason to get artificial grass in the first place is for its performance. Artificial grass does not need to be watered, ever. You don’t have to mow it. The most you ever have to do for it is blow leaves off it with a leaf blower. If you have pets, you can rest assured that our artificial grass is perfectly safe for them. Here at Capital Landscape Design, we provide artificial grass that is made from the same plastic that milk bottles are made of. Our artificial grass will never leech chemicals or cause harm to your pets. Instead, it will give them a soft and comfortable place to play and run. Clean up is easy on artificial grass, too. You can pick up solid waste with a plastic baggie, just like you would on the sidewalk, and give any liquid waste a quick rinse with the hose to eliminate any odors. Our artificial grass is designed to drain easily, so you never have to worry about water pooling or mud forming. Even in the heaviest downpour, our artificial grass will be well drained and safe to walk on. Artificial grass for beauty and convenience When you choose artificial grass from Capital Landscape, you are getting the perfect solution to the problem of needing to water a lawn in this drought. You are getting huge savings on your water bill and hours of time back every week that you aren’t having to spend watering and mowing. You are also getting the ability to let kids run and play outside without tracking in any dirt or mud. You are getting the freedom to let your pets run on comfortable, lush turf without getting dirty or being exposed to dangerous chemicals. With artificial grass, you can have the beautiful lawn of your dreams with zero maintenance. Call us today for a free estimate!

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