Elk Grove Landscape Design

Landscape Design and Installation in Elk Grove

Just south of Sacramento is Elk Grove, a residential community that is becoming increasingly popular for commuters. Many of Elk Grove’s homes were built within the last 20 years, and as one of the fastest growing cities in the country there are a lot of new homeowners looking for interesting ways to improve the look and value of their homes.

Landscaping Through Capital Landscape

One of the best and most functional ways to add to the value of your home is through custom landscaping. Although we specialize in Sacramento Landscape Design, Capital Landscape can travel to your home in Elk Grove just outside of Sacramento for a free quote on landscape consultation. By renovating the outdoor space around your property and improving both the curb appeal and functionality of your yard, your home will experience an increase in value while also giving you more appreciation for your property.

Elk Grove Landscape Design

Elk Grove Landscape Design

 At Capital Landscape, we are happy to provide landscape design for all Elk Grove residents. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve lived in your property for years, we make it our mission to supply you with the landscape you’ve always wanted. We provide every type of landscaping service, including:

Outdoor Kitchen and Landscape Design in Elk Grove

Outdoor Kitchen and Landscape Design in Elk Grove

 Once you have the beautiful landscape of your dreams at your Elk Grove home, you naturally want to show it off to all your friends and family. You can entertain in style with our outdoor kitchen designs from Capital Landscape! We have many different convenient outdoor appliances and other features, including:

  • Outdoor sink
  • Outdoor bar
  • Outdoor countertops
  • Outdoor stove top range
  • High quality grill
  • Outdoor refrigerator
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Outdoor pizza oven
  • And much more!

If you want to be able to enjoy your Elk Grove, CA back yard in luxury, you can’t do better than with an outdoor kitchen. Give us a call at Capital Landscape to get a FREE estimate on your dream kitchen, outdoors! Drought Proof Landscaping in Elk Grove

Drought Proof Landscaping in Elk Grove

 California has been struggling in a major drought for years now, and residents of Elk Grove are paying higher and higher water bills as the reservoir levels continue to go down. Many people have chosen simply to stop watering their yards, and to allow all the grass to die. You aren’t doomed to having a dead, depressing-looking landscape. With drought proof landscaping from Capital Landscape, you can have a yard that looks beautiful and lush, and that takes little to no water! The first step to a drought proof landscape is to replace your water-guzzling grass with something friendlier. Grass is notorious for taking a ton of water. Artificial grass is a great alternative. It has all the beauty and comfort of natural grass, but it takes no watering and no mowing. Best of all, it’s green and soft year-round and feels wonderful under bare feet. Our artificial grass here at Capital Landscape is pet-friendly too, and is a great choice for kennels. Another option is to replace your grass with pathways around flower beds, gravel areas, no other non-plant-based alternatives. We can do gravel pathways, concrete pathways, or bricked pathways. This choice creates a gorgeously rich landscape in even the smallest spaces, but of course it means the neighborhood kids can’t play soccer in your yard anymore. The next step to a drought proof landscape is to select decorative and accent plants that don’t need much water at all. We like to start with succulents, since there are so many gorgeous varieties to choose from. Then we fill in with drought-hardy herbs and flowers to give fragrance and color to the flower beds. As an added bonus, you can clip some of these herbs and use them in your own cooking! Keep in mind that even drought proof landscapes need to be watered regularly until the roots are well established.

Contact Capital Landscape for a local Elk Grove Designer

We can design a completely new Elk Grove landscape Design from scratch, or we can take your existing landscape and augment it in a way that better suits your needs. Our goal is to turn the vision you have for your property into a visible, functional reality, and we’ll do whatever we can to try to get you that new landscape at a cost that you can afford. Contact us today at (916) 783-5080 to find out more about our Elk Grove Landscape design solutions, and to find out why Capital Landscape is the best option for your landscape architecture and design needs.

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