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Paver Stones and Paving Stones in Folsom

The City of Folsom is growing every day. The economy in Folsom is strong, and the homes sit on a solid amount of land, with houses that reflect the owner’s personality. Capital Landscape is proud to be the primarily provider of Folsom paving. In addition to our custom landscaping services, we’re happy to be Folsom pavers that know exactly what it takes to provide you with custom paving at an affordable price.

Why Work With Capital Landscape?

Our pavers are trained and talented at paving properties with any type of paver stone, and creating any design that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more rustic/classic, or you want to try something a bit more modern, we have a variety of stone options, paving options, and custom options available for any paving need, including:

  • Paver Stone Walkways
  • Paver Stone Driveways
  • Paver Stone Patios
  • Paving Stone Pool Decks

As the best Folsom pavers in the area, our goal is to ensure that your home meets your vision and improves the value of your property and enhances the curb appeal of your Folsom landscape design. We’re happy to talk to you about all of the paving options we have available as well, so that you can learn all about the benefits and weaknesses of each type of paver stone, how they hold up in the Folsom weather, and more. We also provide custom landscape installation, so we’re happy to provide our Folsom paving options with our installation services so that you can have a complete landscape redesign as needed, and we’re always willing to provide paving as an individual service for those that need it. Paver stones are the perfect way to dress up your front or back yard at your Folsom home, or increase the usable space of your outdoor grounds at your Folsom business. Here at Capital Landscape Design, we are excited about bringing you the best quality paver stones and the best in design and installation, so that you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style!

What are paver stones?

Paver stones are simply blocks of a durable outdoor material such as concrete or brick. They are usually uniform in size and shape, though you can get specialty stones that have different sizes. You can lay them with a variety of different patterns to create the exact look you want.

What are paver stones used for?

There is practically no end to the possible uses for paver stones. You can use them to create walkways and patios, expand your porch space or create a wrap-around porch that encircles your home, or make a little reading area where you might put a char and a small table. You can use paver stones in Folsom to make fire pits, or to enclose a side or two of your patio to create a sheltered feel. Paver stones can be used for retaining walls and to build low benches. Whatever features you need to make your Folsom front yard and back yard as beautiful and useful as possible, you can do it with paver stones!

What are my options with paver stones?

You can get paver stones in many different colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. This allows you to make a design for your Folsom home or business that is completely customized to your style and your design preferences. If you want a herringbone pattern, a cobblestone pattern, or a custom mosaic look on your paver stone patio, we can do it for you here at Capital Landscape Design!

Can I just make my own patio with paver stones?

You can, but we don’t particularly recommend it. It’s not as simple as just putting down stones where you want them. To make a paver stone patio, you have to dig out the area where the patio is going to go. Then you have to fill it in with sand up to a couple of inches below the grass line, and make sure that that sand is perfectly flat and level. If it is not absolutely flat, then your stones will shift over time and you will end up with unsightly gaps in your patio. Then you would install the paver stones, making sure that they are perfectly tight and placed solidly. The procedure is certainly not rocket science, but it involves a lot of hard labor and quite a bit of precision. If you let us do it for you, you can have the exact design you want and you can monitor it every step of the way, but you won’t have to ever lift a shovel yourself.

What paver stone designs do you offer at Capital Landscape Design?

We can do custom paver stone designs in Folsom for any design you might want. We also have many designs that we have done before to choose from. Check out our photo gallery to see what kinds of designs we have to offer, or drop us a line with your ideas for your own custom paver stone designs!

Capital Landscape – Your Folsom Paver Stone Experts

Capital Landscape has developed a reputation as the primarily go-to source for Paver Stones in Sacramento for a reason, and we’d love to show you what we can do. Call us today at (916)783-5080 to book an appointment with our free evaluators, or fill out the form to schedule the appointment yourself at a time that is convenient to you. Capital Landscape is proud to be the primarily provider of Folsom paving. We’re happy to be Folsom pavers that provide you with affordable custom paving. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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