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Citrus Heights Landscaping Experts

Citrus Heights is a beautiful but small residential community located just south of the Capital Landscape home base in Roseville. Its proximity to our headquarters and attractive homes have allowed us to work directly with many residents of the area, providing our Citrus Heights landscaping services to dozens of homeowners across the city. If you are looking for Citrus Heights Landscaping installers or plans, you have come to the right place. Capital Landscape Design specializes in all aspects of landscape installation and landscape design plans for the Citrus Heights area.

Why Capital Landscape in Citrus Heights?

Landscape Design Water Features in Citrus Heights

 When you are looking for a Citrus Heights landscaper, you want someone that you can have faith in – someone that will do whatever it takes to ensure your 100% satisfaction. That’s what you get with Capital Landscape. We only work with industry trained landscape design architects to prepare your design and ensure that it’s going to match your vision, and our experts will use only the best materials to build you a landscape that you can be proud of. Our Citrus Heights landscaping services are some of the best in the entire Roseville/Sacramento area, and that’s why we value our Citrus Heights’ property owners above all else. Whether you need:

  • Complete landscaping overhaul
  • Deck installation
  • Lighting
  • Barbecue pits and outdoor kitchens
  • Gardens and more

Custom Landscape Design

Landscape Design in Citrus Heights

 Landscaping isn’t just about keeping your grass mowed and your plants alive. Designing a landscape is an art in and of itself. Our landscape design experts here at Capital Landscape have years of experience creating beautiful landscape scenes that are eye-catching, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly.

Landscape Installation Citrus Heights

Here at Capital Landscape, we also take care of your landscape installation needs for you. Whether you need earth moved, retaining walls built, or trees planted, we can handle it for you! We also are one of the few providers of xeriscaping – drought resistant landscaping that is perfect for those homeowners that want to avoid using as much water these next several years. If you’re looking for a Citrus Heights landscape designer, or want to learn more about our design company, contact us today at (916) 783-5080. We will be happy to answer your call and talk to you about all of your design options.

Landscape Irrigation in Citrus Heights

Even the most drought friendly landscapes need some water to keep the plants alive, and they all need regular irrigation for the first few months to a year after installation while the plants are establishing strong root systems. Here at Capital Landscape, we offer a variety of different landscape design irrigation options to suit your specific needs. You can choose conventional sprinkler irrigation, which is less water efficient but very convenient and popular among some homeowners and business owners. If you want something more environmentally friendly and less intrusive, we can run drip irrigation under a bed of mulch; this gets the water directly to the roots of the plants without losing any to evaporation. Drip irrigation is especially well suited to garden-style landscape designs, where individual plants are laid out in rows or designs and separated by mulch. Programmable irrigation systems that run on automatic timers are also a great way to make sure your landscape gets the water it needs, without you ever having to go outside to turn on a hose at all.

Landscape Design Consultation

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