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Rancho Cordova is a fascinating city. It has several distinct areas neighborhoods and many incoming commuters for state jobs and other local businesses that are headquartered within its boundaries. It also has a strong residential component, with more homes than apartment complexes and above average property space. For those looking to enhance their property through the development of amazing, hand crafted landscaping, you need a Rancho Cordova landscaper that has years of experience operating within the city. We specialize in Rancho Cordova Landscape Installation and design so put your faith in Capital Landscape Design to design and install your landscape project. If you are looking for Rancho Cordova Landscape Design, you have come to the right place, we are familiar with the local laws and guidelines in the city of Rancho Cordova and have designed and installed hundreds of projects before. Take a look are recent projects and landscape design portfolio.

Rancho Cordova Landscaping Company

Rancho Cordova Landscaping Company

 Capital Landscape is a Roseville-based landscape design company that has helped dozens of Rancho Cordova homeowners create beautiful, eye catching new landscapes that impress the neighborhood and make you want to spend more time outdoors. Our designs are crafted by certified landscape architects with years of education and experience developing new and exciting landscapes for any type of residence. We’ve worked in nearly every Rancho Cordova neighborhood, including:

  • Prospect Park
  • Anatolia
  • Raven Oaks
  • Millrose
  • White Rock and More

We make a commitment to our clients to provide outstanding quality service and support throughout the process, and our Rancho Cordova landscapers are always happy to talk to you about your options while answering any questions you may have. No other landscaping company offers the top tier design and architecture that you’ll get with Capital Landscape, and if you give us the opportunity we would love to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation. Contact us today at (916) 783-5080 to find out more about our Rancho Cordova landscaping services and let’s talk about what we can do to help you create the property of your dreams.

Landscape Design Consultation

Rancho  Cordova Landscape Design and Install Experts

Here at Capital Landscape Design, we are proud to be your landscaping experts of choice in Rancho Cordova, CA! We offer a wide range of landscaping options that you can choose from to create the perfect landscape design for your Rancho Cordova home or business.

Commercial landscaping in Rancho Cordova

At your Rancho Cordova business, the first impression you make on your customers, clients, and business partners is the landscaping outside your office location. It might seem measly compared to more important signs of how you run your business, but the subconscious effect of your landscaping design is extremely important. It communicates to your customers how you run your business. If your landscaping is messy or shabby, they will assume that your methods of doing business are also messy and shabby. On the other hand, if they see that the exterior off our office space is neat, orderly, and well maintained, they will assume that your business is the same way. Put your best face forward with commercial landscaping from Capital Landscape Design!

Residential landscaping in Rancho Cordova

Expert Landscape Design in Lincoln, CA

 Residential landscaping is becoming increasingly popular in Rancho Cordova, as many homeowners want to make their homes beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. Whether you are tired of mowing a lawn or you simply want more eye-catching features to make your front and back yards look prettier, we can help you get exactly the residential landscaping effect you have been dreaming of! Give Capital Landscape Design a call today for a FREE estimate on your residential landscaping project!

Drought resistant landscaping in Rancho Cordova

Drought Proof Landscape Design

 It’s no secret that California is in the midst of a historic drought. Water prices are going through the roof, and many people are afraid to water their yards because they do not want to contribute to the reservoirs and the groundwater drying up. This has led to many people in Rancho Cordova just letting their grass die and their outdoor landscaping becoming bare. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between being environmentally friendly and having a beautiful front yard or grounds at your office. With drought resistant landscaping and Rancho Cordova Paver Stones from Capital Landscape Design, you can have beautiful plants that hardly need to be watered, a lush, green lawn that never needs to be mowed, and much more! Give Capital Landscape Design a call today and we will give you a FREE consultation on how you can save tons of money on your water bill with drought resistant landscaping in Rancho Cordova!

Landscape Design Consultation

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