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Although Capital Landscape is based in Roseville, it’s our goal to service all homes in the Greater Sacramento area. That’s why we’re frequently taken to Carmichael, because Carmichael is filled with homeowners that truly care about their properties.

Our Carmichael Landscaping Services

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design Carmichael

 We offer full-service landscape design to all Carmichael residents. We are one of the only landscaping companies to work with board-certified landscape architects – designers that have been trained to turn an idea into a reality – and we make it our mission to listen to your needs and come up with customized, affordable solutions. We can handle all of your ideas, and craft a landscape design that perfectly complements your Carmichael home. We work with:

  • Overhauls – We can create a brand new landscape from scratch.
  • Functionality – We can install fire pits, barbecues, porches and more.
  • Design – We can create Carmichael landscapes with incredible curb appeal.

Artificial Grass in Landscape Design

Arificial Grass Sacramento

 We want your property to be the envy of the block, and give you a landscape design that you can enjoy every day. Years ago, artificial grass in landscape design was looked down upon by landscapers because it looked fake. You could tell when a home, a business, or a golf course had artificial grass. The green was too flat and uniform, every single blade of grass was exactly the same length and looked like it was neatly sawed off the top, and it was even shiny like plastic. We have come a long way since then. New artificial grasses look remarkably realistic. If you look closely at each blade, they are cut with uneven edges that perfectly mirror what a lawnmower does to a blade of grass. Each individual blade of grass is a different shade from the ones around it, giving the look of depth and beauty to the grass and making it have a very authentic, realistic effect. Even the texture of the grass has improved, since now the fabric and plastic used to make the grass is designed to feel more like a real blade of grass. If you are interested in drought resistant landscaping but you can’t live without your lawn, or even if you are just tired of spending hours mowing and wasting water on a natural lawn, artificial grass is a great tool for homeowners and business owners alike in Carmichael. Give Capital Landscape a call today for a FREE estimate on your Carmichael landscape design!

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We love servicing Carmichael homes, and we would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your needs with you and show you how easy it is to turn your dreams into a reality. Contact us today at (916)783-5080 to find out more about our landscaping services or to get started with your free consultation.

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