Benefits of Artificial Turf in Sacramento Landscapes

Artificial Turf Options for Drought Tolerant Lawns

Right now the Central Valley is going through one of the worst droughts in its history. Local governments are urging residents to do anything they can to reduce water usage. Whether it’s not cleaning your car, taking shorter showers, skipping your lawn care, etc., the water problems in California have highlighted the need to reduce our water consumption and try to find shortcuts for our day to day luxuries.

The issue may also soon be financial. State regulators are considering a $500 fine for those that waste water. That fine could be imposed every day that you overwater, potentially leaving you open for thousands of dollars in fines over the year.

A Landscape Alternative

Those that are trying to avoid drought fines – and those that still want to create a bright green lawn without necessarily the risk of overwatering – need to consider ways to add drought-tolerant landscaping to their homes, so that they can still enjoy an amazing lawn/outdoors without putting themselves at risk for fines and extensive water use.

There are many ways to create a drought-tolerant lawn, but one of the most popular in Sacramento is by replacing all of your grass with artificial turf, and at Capital Landscape (916-783-5080), we’re happy to show you why so many people use artificial lawns in their new landscapes.

We use top of the line landscape equipment like Skid Steers and versatile Backhoes to get the job done. We ensure that your yard will stay in great shape using over-the-tire tracks as opposed to rubber skid steer tires. Over-the-tire tracks or high-quality mini excavator tracks add flexible flotation to the skid steer which allows us to navigate through landscape smoothly with harming your native plants and currently installed design. A good example of those skid steer tracks can be found on our supplier’s website.

Why Artificial Grass in Sacramento?

Most homeowners have only heard of artificial turf in the context of baseball – several stadiums used artificial turf because they were indoors, and grass would have been unable to get any light. But artificial grass is actually used often in modern-day drought-resistant landscaping, also known as “Xeriscaping.”

The reason for this is simple – artificial grass doesn’t need water. You can have the green, amazing yard that you wanted, but without the upkeep. Indeed, this grass will last you all year and you’ll never have to water it once, while you still enhance the look of your property and achieve the green lawn you’ve always desired. It’s fairly simple, and it gives you a way to make sure that in the heat of Sacramento County your lawn will continue to look and feel great.

So artificial turf is a great choice for a drought-resistant lawn. But that’s not its only benefit either. Artificial turf landscapes have added benefits including:

  • No Lawn Disease – Since it is not real grass, it cannot be prone to weeds or fungi. Your lawn will remain weed and disease free as long as you own it.
  • No Mosquitos/Bugs – It will also not attract mosquitos and bugs that often flock to green lawns and use them as breeding grounds.
  • Less Money – In initial costs, artificial lawns do cost more than traditional live turf. But over time, the money you save in water, time, and lawn care services (mowing, lawn mower repair, etc.) will eventually add up and potentially pay for the lawn in full.

This is not to say that artificial turf doesn’t have its downsides. It can get hot in the Central Valley heat and still needs to be kept free of debris. But for many, these downsides are nowhere near the upsides that you get with an artificial grass-landscaped lawn.

If you’d like to learn more about Capital Landscape and the artificial turf options we have available in Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Orangevale and more, contact us today at (916)783-5080. We’d love an opportunity to teach you more about artificial turf and other drought tolerant landscaping options.

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