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Aesthetics of Permeable Pavers

Paver Stones and Paving Stones in Roseville, CA

Aesthetics of Permeable Paver Stones Paver Stones and Paving Stones in Roseville, CA from Capital Landscape Design One of the great benefits of permeable pavers is that they are so much more attractive than standard concrete or asphalt. A conventional parking lot, street, walkway, or patio made from concrete is plain, boring, and white. Permeable […]

What are Permeable Paver Stones?

Permeable Pavers and Paving Stones

What are Permeable Pavers and Paving Stones? Permeable Pavers let water flow between and through the stones to a well-drained gravel bed beneath What are permeable pavers? Have you ever seen water pool on a patio or flow down a walkway? The area beside the patio or walkway turns into a muddy mess and may […]

Commercial Paver Stones Roseville

Commercial Paver Stones Roseville

Commercial Paver Stones & Paving Stones Roseville Paver Stones for Playgrounds and Commercial Applications in Roseville, CA Pavers are a great option for playgrounds and many other commercial applications, especially for walkways and patio areas. They help to keep the playground area clean as well as separating different play areas. There are many different options […]

Durability of Permeable Pavers

Durability of Permeable Pavers

Durability of Permeable Paver Permeable Paver Stone Installation in Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom, CA After learning about the benefits of permeable pavers, many people immediately start wondering how durable permeable pavers are. After all, if water flows through them, don’t we have to worry about erosion or wear and tear? Permeable pavers are actually incredibly […]

7 Colorful Plants That Are Also Drought Tolerant

With water in short supply, it’s crucial to try to find ways to make beautiful landscapes that require less water and less upkeep. Everyone still wants a beautiful landscape customized to their needs, but you also want that landscape to be require less water and upkeep, using drought tolerant landscaping (xeriscaping) to reduce your overall […]

How to Create a Bright Green Landscape With Less Water

In Roseville, Sacramento, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills, drought tolerant landscaping has become all the rage. Nearly all of our clients are looking for some type of water-free or water reduced landscaping, because the drought has left them looking for any way they can to use less water on their landscape. But many customers are […]

What is Native Landscaping?

In Merced, California (2 hours south on Highway 99), they opened up a new University of California campus. UC Merced was unique compared to other campuses – Merced itself is in the heart of the valley with steaming hot weather and farmland all around it. Because of its location, the designers decided that they didn’t […]

El Dorado Hills Landscaping With Minimal Upkeep

What if there was a way to completely redo your El Dorado Hills landscape design in a way that would require minimal upkeep? What if you could have a brand new landscape, and that landscape involved: No Water No Mowing No Upkeep of Any Kind You’re already overworked. Water is expensive. El Dorado Hills is […]

Benefits of Artificial Turf in Sacramento Landscapes

Right now the Central Valley is going through one of the worst droughts in its history. Local governments are urging residents to do anything they can to reduce water usage. Whether it’s not cleaning your car, taking shorter showers, skipping your lawn care, etc., the water problems in California have highlighted the need to reduce […]

Grass Cycling

Grass cycling AND Mowing: Grass cycling is all about mowing your lawn in different patterns to reduce your landscapes indents and grass patterns. When you mow in the same direction, over time your Roseville front yard will develop little rivets in the ground that will cause poor irrigation and can leads to lawn disease. If […]