What are Permeable Paver Stones?

Permeable Pavers and Paving Stones

What are Permeable Pavers and Paving Stones?

Permeable Pavers and Paving Stones

Permeable Pavers let water flow between and through the stones to a well-drained gravel bed beneath

What are permeable pavers? Have you ever seen water pool on a patio or flow down a walkway? The area beside the patio or walkway turns into a muddy mess and may have problems with soil erosion, while the paved area itself becomes treacherously slippery for anyone who walks across it.

Permeable paver stones fix this problem. They let water flow between and through the stones to a well-drained gravel bed beneath. There may be a French drain below the gravel bed, if it is an area that needs even more help with drainage. You can have spray your patio down with a hose or walk outside right after a rainstorm and you won’t have to worry about puddles or slippage at all.

How do permeable pavers work?

What are Permeable Paving Stones?

Permeable pavers are designed to let water flow between the stones. While most paver stones are designed to line up closely with each other so that there is no space between, permeable pavers are created with a small amount of drainage space between each stone. This lets the water seep through so that it does not pool on top of the patio.

Do permeable pavers look different than regular paver stones?

Permeable pavers look just like standard paver stones. They just perform better. With most of our permeable paver designs, you cannot tell at all by looking at them that there is anything different about them. We put all our design skill into creating these stones, so that you can get any color or any texture you please. If you are used to having limited design options when it comes to high function items, you will be pleasantly surprised at the options you have for permeable paver stones at The Paver Company.

We also have permeable paver options that do not look like standard paver stones. For example, we have a line of paver stones that is specifically designed to let grass grow up through the stones. These permeable paver stones let you combine the softness of a lawn with the protection of a paved patio. This is a very unique look.

What can you use permeable paver stones for?

There are many uses for permeable paver stones, and many reasons why you would want to choose them. With a permeable paver stone patio, you can put a sprinkler out for your kids to play in without worrying about them tracking mud all through the house. With a permeable paver stone driveway, you never have to worry about traction for your car or safety for your kids’ bikes. With a permeable paver stone walkway, you can walk outside without slipping, even if it has just been raining. With permeable paver stones at a business, you decrease your liability and the risk of people being injured on your premises.

Permeable paver stones are an ideal option for many homeowners and business owners. Call The Paver Company today for more details about how permeable paver stones can help you!

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