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7 Things to Consider When Installing Patio Pavers in Sacramento [Infographic]

stamped concrete

Patio pavers have become popular for homeowners seeking to enhance their outdoor living spaces. These durable and versatile materials provide a visually appealing and functional surface for patios, walkways, and driveways. When installing patio pavers in Sacramento, homeowners must be mindful of the hot and dry climate. Choosing a skilled professional to install Sacramento pavers […]

Aesthetics of Permeable Pavers

Paver Stones and Paving Stones in Roseville, CA

Aesthetics of Permeable Paver Stones Paver Stones and Paving Stones in Roseville, CA from Capital Landscape Design One of the great benefits of permeable pavers is that they are so much more attractive than standard concrete or asphalt. A conventional parking lot, street, walkway, or patio made from concrete is plain, boring, and white. Permeable […]

What are Permeable Paver Stones?

Permeable Pavers and Paving Stones

What are Permeable Pavers and Paving Stones? Permeable Pavers let water flow between and through the stones to a well-drained gravel bed beneath What are permeable pavers? Have you ever seen water pool on a patio or flow down a walkway? The area beside the patio or walkway turns into a muddy mess and may […]

Commercial Paver Stones Roseville

Commercial Paver Stones Roseville

Commercial Paver Stones & Paving Stones Roseville Paver Stones for Playgrounds and Commercial Applications in Roseville, CA Pavers are a great option for playgrounds and many other commercial applications, especially for walkways and patio areas. They help to keep the playground area clean as well as separating different play areas. There are many different options […]