Commercial Paver Stones Roseville

Commercial Paver Stones Roseville

Commercial Paver Stones & Paving Stones Roseville

Commercial Paver Stones Roseville

Paver Stones for Playgrounds and Commercial Applications in Roseville, CA

Pavers are a great option for playgrounds and many other commercial applications, especially for walkways and patio areas. They help to keep the playground area clean as well as separating different play areas. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to pavers and paver stones. If you are looking for a commercial paver stone application in the greater Roseville area, reach out to Capital Landscape of Roseville.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are designed to manage storm water and rain water. They allow water to flow through to drains underneath. This means that people can still walk, run, and play safely on the paver stones, even in wet weather. There are no standing puddles. There is also no possibility of erosion, as the water does not flow in channels across the grounds. It simply follows straight through the permeable pavers and down into the drains, keeping the playground clean and dry.

Retaining Wall Pavers

Pavers for retaining walls can save you a lot of money compared with poured concrete. Retaining walls can also give you greater playing area on your playground. Slopes make for awkward playing spaces. But with retaining walls made from retaining wall pavers from The Paver Company, you can create terraces. This allows you to transform an unusable slope into a series of flat playing surfaces that are perfect for playgrounds and play equipment.

Sensory Pavers

When you are planning out a playground, it is important to think of all the children who will be playing there. Pavers for playgrounds are great for kids who have sensory processing issues. Playgrounds can be tough for kids who have sensory issues. They can be loud and chaotic with all the other kids playing there. The textures of our paver stones at The Paver Company can help give kids with sensory issues a soothing sensation to focus on. In this way, paver stones are much better for playgrounds than plain concrete. Paver stones can also increase safety compared with concrete, since they are textured and can provide better traction for running feet.

Pavers for Playground

Commercial Paver Stones Roseville

Paver stones are meant for use everywhere in the playground where you might otherwise have plain concrete. This includes areas such as sidewalks, divider areas, and patios. Obviously, you do not want paver stones underneath equipment where children climb. Kids can fall off of the equipment easily, with the result that you have a serious injury on your hands.

There are many different materials you might use under the actual playground itself, but paver stones are not recommended. However, paver stones are perfect for all the walkways and paths of a playground, as well as any patios, table areas, and other spaces that would usually be concrete.

For areas where children might fall and hurt themselves, paver stones are not an ideal option. Instead,  better choices are materials such as pebbles, sand, grass, or artificial turf. Paver stones help to keep walkways safe. They are also perfect for retaining walls and terraces on your playground. If you are looking for paver stones for playgrounds, The Paver Company can help you. Give us a call, let us know what sort of playground you have and what your paver stone needs are, and we will help you figure out exactly what kind of paver stones you need. Call us today for your free estimate!

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