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Grass Cycling

Grass cycling AND Mowing: Grass cycling is all about mowing your lawn in different patterns to reduce your landscapes indents and grass patterns. When you mow in the same direction, over time your Roseville front yard will develop little rivets in the ground that will cause poor irrigation and can leads to lawn disease. If […]

Beginning to Bloom: Perennials

Roseville Landscape Highlights: Blooming Perennials Perennials are great landscape focal points because they provide flowering and greenery for the majority of the spring, summer, and autumn. These luscious plants are wonderful to both look at and to enjoy as a reliable plant for the year long. Perennials generally go dormant at the ground for the […]

Water Efficient Tips

Many people are steering away from installing lawns.  Why? Well, as most of you probably have figured out, grass needs to be watered quite often. Grass is very needy and requires constant attention. You go out of town for a week, come back and your lawn is dead… In order to keep your lawn thriving […]

5 Lawn Mowing Tips!!

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How do your neighbors keep their lawns looking so great? Follow these tips for mowing and lawn care that will make your Sacramento landscape the envy of ALL of your neighbors!!! Keep lawn height 3.5-4″ ~ This will keep weed seeds from germinating and will shade the ground so your lawn will use less water. Use […]