Beginning to Bloom: Perennials

Roseville Landscape Highlights: Blooming Perennials

Perennials are great landscape focal points because they provide flowering and greenery for the majority of the spring, summer, and autumn. These luscious plants are wonderful to both look at and to enjoy as a reliable plant for the year long. Perennials generally go dormant at the ground for the long cold winter months but they do generally regrown from their original roots in the spring. That is why they are given the name Perennials, they are a year round plant or at least a long time plant that requires little maintenance before they return in the spring. These Roseville landscaping options allows for long term beauty and easily maintained lawn care.


When to replace Perennials:

The spring time, according to Roseville Landscapers, is the best time to plant new perennials. This allows them lots of time to lay root and bloom well which will help ensure that in the long run they survive many winters and come back from dormancy. As previously mentioned they only die to the ground o if you have perennials that appear as though they might come back, you want to wait it out and nurse those rather than simply hiring a landscape contractor to install new plants for you home. Now is the time to begin by prepping your soil and removing the old plants so that in a month you can plant your new flowers and watch them grow quickly and beautifully.

How to Care for Perennial’s:

  • Soil is key. Plan by having good soil available for your perennial. Start by making sure the pH is right and ensure that it will not have interference from other nearby plants. Soil care is what most Lawn Care Professionals promote above all else on a regular basis. It is very important to keep you landscape healthy with high quality dirt.
  • Mulch generously. This means that organic mulch can help you retain moisture and safeguard those roots until they have been set deep into the ground. Mulch that is placed right when a plant has been placed in the ground will be the secret key to growing a luscious landscape.
  • Micro mist the roots. At the base of the plant, place an accurately size drip system. This will be an excellent way to water the plants. You never want to be too aggressive or overwater because that leads to root rot and shock. Furthermore, be sure to have your landscape designer include a good drip system in the plan for your lawn so that when you plant perennials it doesn’t mean reworking your landscape.
  • Watch for snails. Snails and slugs thrive in the spring months and they will overrule you lawn, especially perennials. Remember to use snail bait in the early spring to keep these little suckers from destroying your hard earned Roseville landscaping job.

Beginning to Bloom is about knowing how to utilize the time given to you before you wind up in the heat of summer with a dying garden. Lawn care in the Citrus Heights or Sacramento area is an essential way to get your backyard ready for spring.


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