Why Go Drought Tolerant?

Water Conservation in Sacramento

Drought tolerant landscaping options are becoming more and more popular in the Sacramento area. Sure, lake Folsom is lower than ever and we haven’t had rain since who knows when but does that really mean you need to rearrange your Roseville landscape? Going drought tolerant can actually have some awesome benefits on landscape plants and even your monthly bills. But we think the best reason to go drought tolerant is to conserve our most vital resource. As the weather heats up, you will find that there are more and more forest fires in California. By conserving water you can contribute to efforts to extinguish these fires as well as help keep Sacramento air clean.


Save on Bills

The biggest perk to going drought tolerant using water sparingly is the effect it will have on your checkbook. With our Roseville landscaping options you can find the right balance of beautiful plants alongside a water budget you can be comfortable with. Using less water is a great and inexpensive way to cut your water bill and to ensure that you will also have a longer lasting landscape design. When your When your neighbors front house landscaping is dying in the summer you will be glad you opted for a drought tolerant plant plan that can survive even the hottest Sacramento days and still staying within your budget. It’s a great and affordable option for any landscaper or home gardener looking to stick to their budget.

Reduce Maintenance

Getting drought resistant plants will also mean that you cut lawn maintenance in half. Rather than paying a gardener to come out and mow your lawn or trim your plants and fertilizer your flowers and more, you can simply make sure they are watered and do a little maintenance once or twice a month. It can be an excellent means of cutting down on effort as well as getting the benefits of a beautiful and unique landscape. With such tight water options you may be wondering just how you could ever keep a lawn alive and the answer is drought tolerant. You can opt for synthetic grass and artificial turf and never have to mow or anything ever again. It’s an excellent option to help maintain your house’s curb appeal.

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Going Eco-Friendly Benefits

Capital Landscaping in Roseville, California wants to be the first to tell you about how you can benefit from the eco-friendly option of drought tolerant. You can benefit financially from the lower water and maintenance costs. But you can also reduce your carbon footprint and help keep your lawn natural and thriving. Also, there are a wide selection of tax benefits and statewide reductions that landscapers who choose drought tolerant for their home are qualified to receive.

To hear about how you too can go drought tolerant, call or contact us today. You can even book a free consultation on us today.


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