Grass Cycling


Grass cycling AND Mowing:

Grass cycling is all about mowing your lawn in different patterns to reduce your landscapes indents and grass patterns. When you mow in the same direction, over time your Roseville front yard will develop little rivets in the ground that will cause poor irrigation and can leads to lawn disease. If you are interested in mowing your lawn as efficiently as possible, you will want to begin by mowing in different patterns every time you start. Grass cycling is when you begin somewhere different and mow in various different directions. This also cuts your grass in different angles each time so as to keep removing all the dead segments from a wide variety of angles.

To begin grass cycling in this way you will only cut the grass when the surface is totally dry, so as to keep from making indents. Then, only with sharp mower blades, you begin in a different section from where you previously mowed. We encourage everyone to try and mow in zig-zag type patterns so that there is no indent at all. Finally, you will want to allow the clippings to fall as a fertilizer for the growing grass. Mulching mowers are the best place to start because they cut the grass perfectly to help better fertilize your lawn.


Benefits of Grass Cycling:

There are many benefits to cycling your mowing. First and foremost it prevents lawn disease. It shows your lawn the best care in order to encourage better growth. Also, grass cycling allows for your lawn to have access to natural and organic fertilizer in the form of mulched grass clippings. These clippings help your lawn improve greatly in time and encourage them to develop in the best pattern possible in order to keep it healthy and fertile all year long.


Mulch Information that Helps your Lawn Growth:

  • Mulching is a natural weed control for your lawn
  • Soul Conditioning is increased when you mulch your lawn because it helps to promote moisture retention
  • Mud Control in the form of a thick layer of care for your grass.


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