Lawn Disease Prevention and management


What Is a Lawn Disease?

Healthy lawns are essential to maintaining the value and curb appeal of your home. As you take care of your Roseville landscape it is vital to make sure that you can easily and efficiently establish a strong lawn and turf. Giving your lawn deep roots and a well-established feel will help you ward off lawn disease and other landscape issues. By taking the time to prevent or cure any lawn disease you will save yourself thousands of dollars in landscape renovation. A lawn disease is a combination of pathogens, poor environment, and unhealthy turf. Common disease are usually effective in specific environments but you can expect to find them when you’ve let your lawn go without proper water, fertilization and aeration so the entirety of the landscape.

Your Roseville and Sacramento landscapes can be especially prone to disease if they have poor irrigation and are either rover or under fertilized. Due to their ability to adapt too many different environments it can be more common than ever for your lawn to develop a disease. A lawn disease can look like red growths, dead patches of lawn, circular disease looking patches, black or dirt filler patches and much more. A lawn disease is a serious threat to your entire growing landscape, so they should be taken with complete seriousness and dealt with in a timely fashion.

What Preventative Measures can I take?

There are many options you have and measures you can take to reduce your chances of lawn care disease and more.

Water and Drainage

When you have lots of rain in the winter and no rain in the summer you will need to keep a steady amount of water given to your landscape all year round. Whether you are applying to little or too much water, both can have a negative effect on your California landscape. Keep your lawn from being water logged with appropriate aeration and drainage.


Every type of grass needs different kinds of fertilization in different amounts. Fertilization helps grass grow strong and keep from getting over run by weeds or pathogens. By fertilizing your Sacramento landscape design regularly you can establish a stronger pattern of landscape care without risking damage to your lawn.


Maintaining a lawn through mowing will benefit you for years to come as it keeps the landscape at a healthy height without risking the growth of weeds underneath over grown grasses. You can help establish healthy growth patterns when you train your landscape with grass cycling and more.


Lawn Disease Management for an already sick lawn?

Once your landscape has developed a lawn disease it can be exceptionally difficult to eliminate it from your lawn. The best place to start is with fungicide. A fungicide will not necessarily destroy the whole fungus once it has started but it can help you to maintain some control over it. Once you have a lawn disease if you cannot seem to regain control you may have to replace your entire lawn.


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