5 Lawn Mowing Tips!!

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How do your neighbors keep their lawns looking so great? Follow these tips for mowing and lawn care that will make your Sacramento landscape the envy of ALL of your neighbors!!!

  1. Keep lawn height 3.5-4″ ~ This will keep weed seeds from germinating and will shade the ground so your lawn will use less water.
  2. Use your string trimmer to edge your lawn BEFORE you mow ~ That way when you mow your mower will mulch or pick up the trimmings and make clean-up a lot simpler.
  3. Mow in a different pattern each week ~ If you continually mow in the same pattern you may have problems if your mower does not distribute clippings evenly with bare spots
  4. Sharpen your mower blade ~ A dull mower blade will not cut the grass cleanly and leave a ragged edge to the grass blade that will brown leaving the appearance of a browning lawn. It will also impeded a mulching mower from optimal performance
  5. Do not mow when the grass is wet ~ Mowing while your grass is still wet will cause the clippings to stick together and can clog your mower not allowing it to cut properly.

With these tips you will be on your way to having your front yard be the envy of the neighborhood!!

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