July is “Smart Irrigation Month”


Well, maybe California is not one of the four states (Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado and Oklahoma) that recognize Smart Irrigation month, but I would like to think that is because in California we consider every day an opportunity to increase water efficiency.

With most of the country suffering from drought conditions if you have not made changes to your irrigation system to conserve water then THE TIME IS NOW!

With many cities enforcing their own rules on water conservation it becomes even more important to know the benefits of changing your landscaping water usage. Landscapers should know about Roseville’s “Cash for Grass” rebate program, where for a limited time they were offering a $1.00 per square foot for reducing your lawn area. Check with your local municipality for a similar program.

The “Big 3” in landscaping irrigation HunterToro and Rain Bird are all having specials ranging from contests on their facebook pages to gift cards with purchases from their websites.

roseville-backyard-rock-retaining-wall-planter-capital-landscape-webAll three also have great information on how to layout your irrigation system. Really, what is more annoying than going out and moving the sprinkler every 15 minutes to water the lawn?

Now, while all of this can be completed by any homeowner, if all of that feels just a little too daunting of a task. Consider bringing in an expert to not only create a system that will make your landscaping look its best, but bring EFFICENCY to the party! Capital Landscape services Elk Grove, Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn and all cities in between.

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