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Clean Up That Lawn

roseville landscape

Picking up your Roseville Landscape Cleaning up your landscaping is more necessary now than ever. With the Roseville winter winds blowing your dying plant bits all over your yard and the off-season for lawn care and general tree maintenance, you’ve likely let your general landscape slip. It’s not that it’s unmanageable it’s that you likely […]

Beginning to Bloom: How and When of Pruning

Pruning is an essential part of caring for trees, shrubs, and bushes. Not only does it invigorate the plants to produce new blooms, the use of pruning for your yard also keeps the plant from wasting energy on dead parts. Pruning the January is the first of many steps to preparing for a brilliant spring […]

Water Efficient Tips

Many people are steering away from installing lawns.  Why? Well, as most of you probably have figured out, grass needs to be watered quite often. Grass is very needy and requires constant attention. You go out of town for a week, come back and your lawn is dead… In order to keep your lawn thriving […]

July is “Smart Irrigation Month”

Well, maybe California is not one of the four states (Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado and Oklahoma) that recognize Smart Irrigation month, but I would like to think that is because in California we consider every day an opportunity to increase water efficiency. With most of the country suffering from drought conditions if you have not […]