Beginning to Bloom: How and When of Pruning

pruning for RosevillePruning is an essential part of caring for trees, shrubs, and bushes. Not only does it invigorate the plants to produce new blooms, the use of pruning for your yard also keeps the plant from wasting energy on dead parts.

Pruning the January is the first of many steps to preparing for a brilliant spring in your Roseville backyard. Many local tree trimming companies services offer special pruning, thinning and trimming deals in their maintenance packages so that your plants can be healthier and happier come the time you’re ready to be outside.

Landscape Guidelines

While your backyard is far from your mind on these cold days, taking the time to prune at essential moments can save you hours of effort and worry over plants in the future. When you prune here are some essential guidelines:

  • Get the sick or unhealthy looking limbs out ASAP. They can disease your entire plant and leave you with a sick tree and landscape design eyesore.
  • Trim around the places where you want the plant to end. If a bush has grown onto your grass, any landscape maintenance contractor will tell you that you must trim it in case it gets caught in a mower or weed whacker.
  • Remove the dead stuff. Take away the dead or diseased sections of your plant right away because they serve no use and can suck up vital nutrients and water that would be better used elsewhere in the plant’s system.
  • Call a professional. A professional Roseville landscape designer or contractor will be able to prune the right branches at the right time so that you can be out with the old and in with the new as soon as spring hits.

Spring Cleaning

Consider pruning as a chore for your spring cleaning list. As you’re ready to shake off the dust from your home, you should also be prepared to deal with the results of a long winter on your backyard. January is an excellent time, according to many professional landscapers, to begin pruning because in just a few short weeks your plants will come back from their dormant states and their “blood” or sap, in those plants that are considered bleeders, will not yet be moving throughout the tree.

Be Cautious

However, be cautious when pruning things that flower in the spring. If they have already developed buds and you want to see their flowers, do not trim them off because there will not be enough time in the Sacramento outdoor climate for them to grow back or anew. A great rule of thumb is to prune anything maple, apple, or birch this month to get optimal growth this summer.

New to Prune?

For pruning newbies, we recommend a well-sharpened pair of secateurs. They can help you get a clean cut without splintering your tree or bush. Other things like shears and two-handed clippers can be used based on the size of the job. If you need a saw, make sure to try and get as straight a cut as possible and avoid new growth that is still green and pliable.

Stay Tuned for More

A blooming garden takes more than just last minute time in your yard. If you have a landscape design that you are proud of, thPurning for Roseville 2en make sure to preserve by dawning a jacket and getting into that backyard right now. The early bird gets all the pretty flowers and fruit.

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