Beginning to Bloom: Introduction to Spring Landscaping How To’s


Put Some Spring In Your Landscape Step

With Spring just two months away, you may not be thinking about your Sacramento backyard but,  lawn maintenance is much more than a day in the backyard when the weather gets warm. If you want to see your landscape bloom this year, it’s time to get a head start and begin the process right now! This month we will be giving a series of how-to and when-to blogs to help each and every Sacramento landscape owner prepare for their most beautiful spring yet. Landscaping is about the bigger picture, function and form go hand in hand as you and your Roseville landscape designer strive to create a backyard oasis in your home. Getting a head of the curve, take just a few steps every week so let the maintenance begin! Here is just a little teaser on how this month’s blogs will help your garden grow!

magnolia-tulip-pink-sacramento-zone-9-treesPruning your Roseville Residential Landscape

It’s more than just grabbing some shears and having at it. Our Sacramento team will show you how and when to get the best pruning for your beautiful landscape. With freezes and other unpredictable weather patterns to consider, tread lightly with your gardening clippers and get ready to feel like a professional yourself.

Much Mulch on that Sacramento Backyard

Yes, the mulch in your garden has likely lost its color and worn down to a fine wooden dust by now. Be prepared to know when the best time is order in the mulch and break out your shovel. Also, keep in mind that weed paper may be your best friend this year.

Landscape Contractor  for Sprinkler Malfunctions

The biggest cause of water waste in your home is a broken sprinkler. Lawn care services in Roseville will be able to get your sprinklers back on track or even updated for this years big BBQ season. If you’re planning on entertaining outdoors this spring and summer, sprinkler care should be at the top of your list.

Maintenance is a Landscape Must

When you’re running low on time, professional landscape care from a Roseville landscape care company can pick up the slack. Maintenance on your home doesn’t end where the door closes. Giving a beautiful landscape design some TLC all year long is a great way to ensure beautiful blooms in the sunshine months.

Big Blooms in the Backyard

It’s also time to begin picking what you will be planting this year. Some dead plants are inevitable as this year has had a lack of rain and unpredictable weather. Consequently, you will likely be on the hunt for some new color and blooms this year. Let us help you pick the right things for your yard.coral-tree-sacramento-zone-9-trees

There are many aspects to helping your landscape prepare for spring. Let’s take the month of January to get ahead and make sure come March you’ve got a gorgeous display of color happening.

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