Beginning to Bloom: Mulch

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Landscaping in the Sacramento and Roseville area is a delicate process that requires a lot of knowledge about the area and how to best keep plants alive and healthy. Mulch is one of the many little touches that can set up your garden for success all year long. Now that we are in January, we want to help you get started on spring cleaning which includes creating a great way to lock in moisture and nutrients for your plants.

Mulch has many benefits on even the most simple of Roseville landscape designs. Mulch is a combination of inorganic and organic components that help prevent weed growth and enhance nutrient uptake of any garden or flower bed. Mulch can be made of all sorts of products from bark to compost. Shredded dried leaves, or even gravel and stones. By laying these down around your growing plants, lawn maintenance companies and self-lawn care is much simpler and easily done. It creates a great barrier between the soil and the air that keeps airborne weeds from inserting themselves into the ground, as well as, keeps nutrients from being dried up by the sun. Here in the Sacramento area, protecting your soil may make the difference of a dead backyard and a blooming

When to Mulch

Determining when is the right time to mulch is about figuring out what you want from your landscape. In January, getting ready for spring blooms is an important factor of mulching. Now that all the dead leaves have decomposed from the summer and most weeds have died from the cold winter air, mulch is the next step in our spring cleaning process. Mulching now before the majority of rain hits and after the frost has passed will give your plants a great amount of insulation and care.


Types of Mulch for your Roseville Lawn

Part of the function of mulch is cosmetic which means it serves a visual purpose but it also has some great uses for the life of your landscape. From organic, wood chips, shredded leaves, hay, and to pebbles or gravel you need to establish what you want it to look like as well as what purpose it has. Organic substances are often healthier options for your plants. But they may not always be very attractive, however, gravel does not necessarily have all the necessary benefits but you may prefer the looks. For a compromise choose something like a dyed bark to give your soil nutrients but also add a unique flair to your backyard. Each type does serve a specific function so here are some of the functions of each type:

  • Bark- This keeps the roots insulated and protected from extreme weather as well as deposits great nutrients into the ground of your Roseville landscape. Unfortunately it can fade and decompose over time and must be replaced yearly.
  • Shredded Leaves- This creates a great compost and does add a lot of vitamins to your ground. Also, if you have a lot of trees it can often be a free way to mulch. However, it does decompos
  • front yard stepse quickly and offers very little temperature protection unless laid very thick.
  • Hay or Straw- This is a perfect for any vegetable garden as it allows for many more natural vitamins. Do not place over larger areas of Roseville landscape as it can be unsigh
    tly and not useful for bigger plants.
  • Stone or Gravel- This is the most expensive option and the least nutrient rich option. However, if you already have healthy soil, using stone or gravel will keep you from having to replace your mulch frequently. A very affordable solution in the long run for any Sacramento landscaping dilemma.


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