Beginning to Bloom: Remodel or Repair Sacramento Landscape

What’s What?

January is the month of remodeling. We are preparing our Roseville landscapes to bloom this spring and part of that process just might be a total renovation for your landscape design. However, you may just be on the hunt to repair a few little places around your backyard due to overuse and age. Maybe you just want a little bit of a brush up for your backyard to tip you off in the right direction and get you ready for leisurely summer barbeques. In either scenario, there are likely changes you want to start making. What is important is understanding when it is more lucrative and sensible to repair or remodel a backyard.

While Roseville landscaping designers are in the business of renovation, we don’t want to cloud your vision with talk of remodel when a repair may be just the ticket for your home. Renovation or remodeling means starting from scratch with a new design and everything while a repair is simply focusing on the broken parts and making them better. Whatever your plan is, let the landscape architects in Roseville help you transform any space into your long-awaited vision. Lawn maintenance or landscape design, our contractors are here for you.

front yard lawn
front yard lawn

Remodeling a Roseville Landscape

There are a wide variety of benefits to remodeling your backyard rather than simply repairing it. If you’ve just purchased a home, then this is the right time to make the new property truly yours both in the front and back with a total landscape remodel. Here are some options you may want to consider:

  • Investment- Making a new landscape design is truly an investment in your home. When you remodel that is extra equity you are adding into your property. Financially, it may be a more expensive option but in the competitive Sacramento home market this may be the pushing point to add value.
  • Long Lasting Results- When a landscape is completely redone it allows much more time before you even think about another repair. Often repairs don’t last as long as a renovation because the renovation brings in totally new material.
  • Dreamscapes- Roseville landscape designers can work with you to establish your dream landscape. Your vision can become a reality with us and that is worth a lot of home enjoyment. What’s more is that you will be able to make new decisions about everything from flower color to hardscape and that is a brilliant benefit.

Repairing a Roseville Landscape

Repairs are often the more practical way to address any issue in your Sacramento landscape. It is a quick and affordable approach that only deals with the problem areas in your back yard. Be it replacing some dead plants, remulching, fixing irrigation, or laying new pavers it’s a much more streamlined approach to preparing your landscape for the spring. Benefits include the foll


front yard steps

  • Preserving Design
  • – If
    your design is only a few years old then you likely want to keep it for some time. A repair allows you to fix only the minute issues in landscape designs and keep an older design looking brand new all year long.
  • Financially Responsible- While a renovation is a great investment, sometimes you simply lack the capital to make it a reality. A repair is a more financially aware way to make your landscape better. It repairs your landscape while also emphasizing the already existent beauty.
  • Faster- It is no doubt that a landscape repair is much faster than a landscape renovation. It is a small segment and it will be done before you know it. If time is an issue, pick a landscape repair first.

Beginning to Bloom may mean a whole new game plan and whether that is starting from ground zero or is reviving some older plants, your Roseville landscape can be as beautiful as ever this spring.

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