Clean Up That Lawn

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Picking up your Roseville Landscape

Cleaning up your landscaping is more necessary now than ever. With the Roseville winter winds blowing your dying plant bits all over your yard and the off-season for lawn care and general tree maintenance, you’ve likely let your general landscape slip.

It’s not that it’s unmanageable it’s that you likely don’t recognize the beautiful landscape you had installed just a short 6 months prior. This is why it’s clean up season for your backyard. You’ll certainly want a clean and enjoyable backyard before the Easter bunny begins his yearly task of turning your lawn into the best egg hunt ever.bench

Biggest First

Let’s begin landscape cleanup with the biggest options at the very front of the line. This means trimming your Trees and Shrubs. Taking away the broken branches and trimming back the unkempt growth can give your lawn that freshly manicured look you’re so fond of. It’s an ideal way to spend only a few hours and make your backyard look like a million bucks out of nowhere. Remember that this harsher time of year is great for cleanup, the real work, like planting, can wait for just awhile until the weather picks back up.

Rake the Break Away

Grab your rake and start the work of pulling back those dead leaves, flowers, and other debris that have lodged themselves safely between your bushes and other landscape focal points. Be careful as you’re cleaning up any Sacramento landscape as little critters may have made their home in the loose waste that is around the bushes. Be careful to find dead snakes and other mysterious things that take over your winter backyard. When cleaning up flower beds be careful of drip irrigation lines and overgrowth of the plants to be sure not to damage anything.

Start the healing

If patches of your grass have died in the winter months, you will want to get them ready for the seeds of the nearby grass in order to heal that spot. To begin healing the grass areas, you will need to start by prepping the soil and making it ready for seedlings to take root. You can do this by removing dead grass then using a good organic compost over the harder to heal spots. Once plants begin flowering in the spring, you will then want to plant grass seeds to grow into those spots. However, for January, lawn care maintenance begins with prep work.

Hardscape and Wood

The final section of spring cleanup with may want to consider is patching and fixing hardscape segments. If you have broken pavers or cracks in pavement, you will want to call a residential landscape professional to come and quote you on a fix. The cracks can lead to bigger issues in your home’s foundation or leaks in your patio that result in much pricier fixes. For patches of fence, now is the time to cut out rotting wood and fix it with better pieces. If you are afraid of doing this bit of spring cleanup on your own, ask a professional landscaping business to do the work for you. It’s often more affordable than you might have thought.

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