Landscape Lighting for Your Sacramento Home

Extra Dash

Getting ready for spring doesn’t have to mean you are stuck doing lots of grunt work. It could also mean you get to spruce up your Sacramento Landscape more than ever before. You can readjust your home with some new little highlights to brighten up the day. This could be anything from adding perennials to getting new wiring done for a lightscape. Your lawn is your oyster…Err, you get what we mean. Don’t let all the how to with lots of work keep you from getting some fun elements to your landscape design. Shining up the place may just be more affordable than ever.

Landscape Lighting : 101

What exactly is lightscaping? Well imagine its dark outside. You don’t see you lawn at all. In fact there are no features visible of your landscape whatsoever. However, no think about it with lightscaping. When dinner guests roll up to your lawn they see tasteful lights highlighting a fountain here and that beautiful willow tree there. The paths are subtly lit like a fairy path and your guests are wowed. Lightscaping is the ultimate spring preparation for any Roseville landscape and trust us you’ll be the envy of the entire neighborhood with the shiny new getup.

Why Use Landscape Lighting?

Well, many people enjoy their yard. In fact they want to see it when they are outside and with nightfall at nearly 5 o’clock in the spring and winter, its dang near impossible to see. However, with lightscaping your lawn doubles its functionality. If you have a back patio that is great for entertaining and feeding guests, then lightscaping helps you prepare for long enjoyable nights out on the deck. They are more affordable then every and can even be a new and exciting way to spruce up even the worst inherited landscape, at least after dark.front yard lighting

What about the money?

It may seem light lightscaping is excessive and not very affordable. However, getting a landscape design that works well for your lawn including lightscaping is more affordable than ever. As opposed to flood lights and standard backyard lights, we offer LED lightscaping lights that need to be changed only once every 10 years. What’s more is that they run on very little energy at all making them a great alternative to more expensive backyard or front yard lights that use high amounts of energy to lighten up a space.


Stay tuned for more this month on lightscaping. And make a free appointment today to hear about light scape landscaping design.

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