Common Lawn care Mistakes

California Landscaping

Beyond the normal day to day landscape maintenance all lawns need, California landscaping seems to be the hardest for many people to manage. In the dry and hot climates of Sacramento, CA your lawn needs a little extra TLC you won’t find in other states. In fact, caring for a landscape in Roseville or Sacramento, can actually be so mind boggling you make mistakes bigger than you ever imagined. For a piece of your home that brings you enjoyment and curb appeal, know when and how to care for it and you will see your investment flourish. Leave your landscape to die and you will be faced with some serious lawn care issues.

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Mowing in your Elk Grove Landscape


The biggest issue with mowing is that you either go to long between mowing or your mow way too short. With the dryer sections of our area, you will find that grass dies quicker than ever and keeping it alive is no simple feat. In fact, if you kill a patch of grass, there is no guarantee that even the most experienced landscaper in the Roseville area may not be able to revive your mowing mistakes.

Overdoing the Pesticide for a Roseville Landscape

Other than being toxic in the air and killing weeds, your pesticide may be doing even more damage than good in your landscape. To avoid making errors with this deadly landscape killer, read the instructions very carefully. There are many other pest management options for your small pest and weed issues. If you need a consultation contact a local landscaper to get more info on pesticide options.

Timing is Everything

This cannot be said enough. This month of January our series of blogs are focused on helping you get prepared for spring. This means that then preparing for summer will come with a whole different set of landscaping options and needs. Before you decide you need to aerate or fertilize or mow, make sure that you’re right on track with good timing. Otherwise, you could be at major risk for more issues than you are prepared to deal with.

To Fertilize or Not To Fertilize

Fertilization can be your secret weapon during a drought year. In fact, if you want a beautiful landscape design to last this year in Sacramento, CA you will have to hone your fertilization skills. A professional lawn care maintenance alongside the right product for your home can help you beat the odds and maintain a beautiful lawn all year long.

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