El Dorado Hills Landscaping With Minimal Upkeep

Xeriscaping - El Dorado Hills Landscaper

What if there was a way to completely redo your El Dorado Hills landscape design in a way that would require minimal upkeep? What if you could have a brand new landscape, and that landscape involved:

  • No Water
  • No Mowing
  • No Upkeep of Any Kind

You’re already overworked. Water is expensive. El Dorado Hills is going through a drought. Right now is still a great time for a new landscape, but it may not be the best time for a landscape design that is going to require constant effort.

Introducing Xeriscaping – Drought Resistant Landscaping

Right now is the best time for your El Dorado Hills home to consider Xeriscaping, also known as “Drought Tolerant Landscaping.” Xeriscaping is one of Capital Landscape’s most popular landscaping options, and a great choice for anyone living in heat filled Northern California.

Xeriscaping is the process of manufacturing a landscape that requires little water and upkeep. It uses no grass or artificial grass. It uses cacti and other long lasting plants. It uses hardscape and lighting to be attractive, and can be created in a way that matches the look and feel of your home.

Xeriscaping Over Traditional Green Grass Lawns

Every day we help homeowners create a brand new landscape that is filled with lush, green grass, and we are happy to continue to create these landscape designs for all of our clients. But we also know that upkeep is a long term requirement to this type of landscape design. If you are unable to find time to mow or water, suddenly your beautiful landscape can be tarnished.

In addition, because of the drought, the city is asking El Dorado Hills residents to stop watering as often, which is essentially asking for landscapes to not be quite as bright and green. So those looking for new landscape design are faced with a problem:

  • Do you have to have a green landscape?
  • Do you have time to maintain that green landscape?
  • Do you have to have real turf?

If the answer to these questions is no, you may want to consider Xeriscaping. Or perhaps a better question is – do you want to replace your landscape with a landscape that requires less upkeep, and is otherwise better for the environment? If the answer is yes, then Xeriscaping is right for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about drought tolerant landscaping, we encourage you to call Capital Landscape today at (916) 783-5080. Find out about all of the ways that you can create a new and attractive El Dorado Hills landscape that is ready to handle the city’s drought and make life easier on homeowners.

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