Aeration and Seeding: Choking Out Weeds in Sacramento


One of the most important parts of landscaping is making sure that the property owner grows healthy turf. Lawn disease and weeds are a serious problem, especially in the Sacramento/Roseville areas, and even the healthiest grass can “catch” disease or grow a weed that was introduced only days after the turf is planted.

These are why landscapers stress the importance of correct watering and mowing for recently landscaped yards – weeds and diseases can invade quickly, and one improperly watered yard can allow a single weed seed to grow and spread all across your beautiful new landscape.

What Can Be Done?

As mentioned, basic watering and mowing is a must:

  • Never overwater.
  • Spread out your watering days.
  • Never cut grass more than 1/3rd inches at a time.

These are basic tools to keep your grass healthy. You can also use preventative fungicides (to prevent lawn disease) and fertilizer (to keep your grass growing strong) as well as broadleaf weed control. All of these basic lawn care strategies will keep your turf looking clean and healthy.

But with the whether we experience here in Sacramento, it’s also important to make sure that your lawn is getting off to a good start. You can do that with aeration and seeding.

What is Aeration?

When soil gets pressed down over time from feet, rain, and other forms of weather in Sacramento, the roots are unable to push through the soil. They become shorter, which means they are unable to gather as many nutrients or take control of as much soil. That leaves your lawn open to invasions – like weeds and lawn diseases/fungi. The solution to this is aeration.

Aeration is a process that breaks up compacted soil by opening up small air pockets so that the dirt can become looser. Aeration is a crucial component in healthy turf, and a “golf course secret” if you’ve always wondered how golf courses fight off weeds. For your grass to be healthy, its roots have to grow as deep as possible.

What is Seeding?

Of course, aeration also opens up the soil. So to help your turf take over you need to re-seed it. Ideally you may want to over-seed it, since you can never have too much turf seed. The new grass will have a lot more room to grow, and the thatch created by the grass roots will grow thick and deep.

What is the Benefit of Aeration and Seeding?

Aeration and seeding combined allows lawns to develop very thick, very healthy grass with deep and well entwined roots. Visually, this type of lawn is far more green and impressive. It’s easier to care for, and it is the type of lawn that will make all of your neighbors jealous.

But aeration and seeding are more than that. Combined, the two develop a lawn so thick and strong that they essentially choke out invaders. Weeds are unable to root, and diseases are unable to take advantage of any weaker grass. In many ways, this process chokes out anything that tries to take over your lawn, leaving your soft and green grass leftover.

The Key to Healthy Lawns and Landscaping

As with all lawn care, aeration and seeding are only a part of the puzzle. Fertilizers, weed control, watering, mowing, and being careful not to introduce any unwanted plant species are all important as well. But when you have a new landscape with a strong turf component and you’re looking for a way to ensure that your grass grows as healthy as possible, aeration and seeding are important to consider.

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