5 Popular Forms of Hardscape Material

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Hardscape is often what makes your landscape design last for years. While grasses, flowers, and other plants need constant upkeep, your hardscape – when well-constructed – will be able to maintain its shape for decades so that your new landscape will be able to last.

Of course, like foliage, hardscape comes in all different shapes and sizes. The following are some examples of the types of hardscape available, so that you can help figure out which one best meets your vision for your property.

Types of Hardscape

  • Tile – One of the most popular types of hardscape is tile. Tile turns your outdoor area into an extension of your home. Tiles can be different shapes to look more like naturally occurring rock, or they can be the traditional square shape so that your outdoor area looks and feels more like the inside of your property.
  • Brick – Another common and popular option is brick. Like tile, brick gives a more “constructed” impression. Brick isn’t meant to look completely natural. Rather, brick layouts are supposed to give your yard a bit of extra pop and comfort so that it never feels as though you’re in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Stone – Stone is another popular hardscape option. Stone is often used in place of tile, when you want your outdoors to appear 100% natural and feel as though you’re in a more outdoors environment.
  • Paving – Paving can be used in two different ways. First, the paving can be used to hold tile, stone, and brick in place. Second, paving can be used to cover the grounds and give you more walk space or drive space. Trained landscapers will use pavers to enhance a property’s natural glow, not detract from it.
  • Wood/Composites – Primarily used on decks and outdoor structures, wood and composite woods are another type of hardscape. Wood has a very natural appearance – one that makes it a great complement to more natural landscape designs, and of course wooden decks are a popular, long lasting way to have a gathering area outdoors.

These represent only a few of the common hardscape options. You can also find gravel, stone, and of course the many different uses of these hardscape including walls and fire pits. Yet the above list represents several of the most popular types of materials used in hardscape, and some options to consider when you work with a landscape designer.

2 thoughts on “5 Popular Forms of Hardscape Material

  1. Tammy Houston says:

    It sure was great when you said that sone is often used in place of tiles and that they are amazing if the person wants to have a more natural feel in the outdoor environment. I will talk to my mom about this because she is interested in getting the garden hardscaped. Surely she wants a more outdoor-like look to the place, so I will suggest this to her. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ivanna Flint says:

    Thank you for mentioning that stone is a good alternative to tiles and that if the person wants to give the outdoors a more natural look, they should opt for this type. I will talk to my sister about this since she is the one who wants to work on the hardscaping of the garden. She did mention wanting to give it a zen garden kind of look, so I was surprised to hear her mention the use of tiles. She needs to know this.

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