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Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Sacramento, CA

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Drought Tolerant Landscape Design in Sacramento

Landscaping your Sacramento home is a great way to not only invest in your property but also a great way to maximize the usable space in your yard. With plummeting rainfall stats, you may notice that keeping a lawn lush and green is harder than ever. That is why Capital Landscape is committed to providing the Roseville and Sacramento area with water conscious landscape alternatives. The experts here at Capital have a wide selection of drought tolerant landscape options from artificial turf, softscape, and drought tolerant plants to keep any lawn looking luxurious all year round no matter the water limitations.

Drought tolerant landscaping means creating a lawn that uses little to no irrigation in an attempt to preserve the natural resources in California’s long lasting drought. Rather than watching a once green lawn turn brown, you can invest in any number of landscape alternatives. From learning where and how to mulch to switching to more drought resistant greenery, you can keep a luscious lawn without wasting precious water. Follow our blog this month to keep up with landscape alternatives and other projects you can do to cut down significantly on your monthly water bill.

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design with Artificial Grass, Paver Stones and Much more

Landscape Irrigation Rocklin, CA

For a drought tolerant landscape design contact us today for a free, no strings attached, consultation and you can hear about ingenious ways to turn your Roseville backyard into an oasis of water conservation. Keep a beautiful front and backyard this summer by beginning the process of a water conscious landscape design. Our experts are always prepared to give you the best advice and award winning designs that are the height of efficiency and beauty.

You drought tolerant landscape design is as easy as 1,2,3 with our Design, Bid, Finance system. Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Sacramento is the way to go in our low water year!Find out how you can start the transformation today by calling or making an online appointment.

For a list of drought tolerant plants or to read more about California Native Plants that will benefit the environment and your yard visit our friends at the UC Davis Arboretum and read more about contributing to state wide water conservation and drought tolerant landscaping. Follow this link to begin plannent to talk with one of our landscape designers. From curb appeal to smart irrigation, you can have form and function together with Capital Landscape.

To begin planining just what plants are ideal for your garden follow this link to our partners at the UC Davis Arboretum and see just what will survive this year in your lawn. http://arboretum.ucdavis.edu/arboretum_all_stars.aspx

Sacramento Area Drought Tolerant Landscape Design Ideas

Landscaping Orangevale

Landscape Design Consultation

If you are looking for drought tolerant landscaping in the Sacramento area, we have the solutions you are looking for here at Capital Landscape!

California has been suffering under a huge drought for years now, and there is no telling when it is going to end. We are hoping for plenty of rain to come and break this drought, but even then we will have a long time of needing normal rainfall before the ground water begins to replenish and things start to get back to normal.

In this environmental crisis, many Sacramento residents are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly and conscientious about their water usage. One area where we waste huge amounts of water is in our lawns and landscaping. There are great opportunities to reduce or practically eliminate water usage for your Sacramento area yard with drought tolerant landscaping. Here are some of our favorite drought tolerant landscaping tricks to use here at Capital Landscape Design:

Rock and paving designs

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design Sacramento

Whether you are talking about gravel pathways, paved patios, retaining walls, or paver stones, every inch that you can take up with rock or with paving is an inch that does not have to be watered. And artistically designed rock features or paving elements are striking and impressive. This is a great way to reduce water needs, beautify your property, increase your property value, and make your yard more usable and functional, all at the same time!

Drought friendly native plants

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design Carmichael

Many plants that are native to California are very drought tolerant. You can save a lot of water by replacing your thirsty plants with drought hardy varieties or with native alternatives. As an added bonus, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful landscaping style with interesting plants and colorful wild flowers that grow abundantly in this area.

If you are thinking of replacing your landscaping plants with drought friendly, native species, keep in mind that new plants, even plants that thrive in deserts, require a certain amount of watering regularly until their roots are well established. Follow the instructions for care for your new plants and expect to start seeing your biggest water savings in about a year, after the plants’ roots are established and the plants are clearly growing healthy and strong.


Succulents are a particular variety of native species and drought resistant plants that are especially popular and beautiful. Succulents include cactus species and well known varieties such as aloe vera, but the category of succulents includes much, much more than just cacti.

Succulents can be huge and impressive, or small and charming. They are often colorful and interesting to look at. If you are looking for a way to add visual interest  to your landscaping, save water, and decrease the amount of work you have to put into your landscape care, succulents are the perfect way to go.

As with all other species of plants, you need to water your succulents fairly regularly until their roots are established. Be sure to follow the care instructions, and plan to save the most water starting about a year after you put the succulents in.

Artificial grass

Arificial Grass Landscape Design Sacramento

If you can’t stand the idea of doing away with your beautiful green lawn, you can have your cake and eat it too! With artificial grass you can have the look of a healthy, gorgeous grass lawn (you won’t even be able to tell it’s not natural!), performance far surpassing natural grass (you never have to mow it, and your dog will never come in muddy or dirty again), and the huge savings that come from spending absolutely nothing on water for your back yard or front yard!

Here at Capital Landscape Design, we have installed many artificial grass lawns and drought friendly landscapes throughout the Sacramento area. Give us a call for a free consultation on your own drought friendly and water saving landscape!

Landscape Design Consultation

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