Small Space Landscaping


“What should I do to add color to the front of my house?”

How many times have you thought that, or something similar? Often the front porch is an area of your landscaping that gets overlooked for any number of reasons. I am sure that you just thought of a few while reading that sentence. There are so many fun ideas that you can do with just an hour or so and without spending an arm and a leg.

Containers are a great solution to adding a lot of color and character to your landscape design for the front of your house. When time and space is a factor in how makeover the front of your home a container garden is the way to go.

You can group several containers together and mix and match them together. The possibilities are endless, same color and different containers or go with different colors of the same container. Watering cans, wheelbarrows, wagons, wicker baskets, all types of pots. Think outside the box to make the display more interesting.

There are a few things to be careful of when selecting a container for your container garden.

  • Where will you be putting it? If you are putting the containers on a balcony or window ledge make sure that the structure will be able to support the weight of the soil, plants and containers.
  • What are the plants’ watering needs? Container plants will dry out quickly and therefor will need to be watered more often. Check out at your local garden center the granular plymers that hold water. They soak up water like a sponge and significantly lengthen the time between waterings.
  • Make sure that you feed often! Often the amount of water needed for container gardens depletes the soil of much needed nutrients. A good quality water soluble fertilizer will go a long way to ensuring that your flowers continue to bloom and look vibrant for a long time.

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