Grass Option for Sacramento Landscaping

landscaping Sacramento

Landscaping Sacramento

Planting New Grass

Now that spring is less than 6 weeks away, you’ll want to begin thinking about grass and grass alternatives for your Sacramento yards. With so many options available for your home whether it be in Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Lincoln, or even auburn, your landscape can be the most beautiful it’s ever been this year with little to no problems at all. If you want to start by seeding your lawn, use turf, go drought tolerant, or install artificial and synthetic grass we have all the right tips for you.

Seeding your Lawn:

TO seed a lawn you will want to begin with analyzing your soil. Once you have soil that is healthy and prepared for whatever comes first, take the time to ensure that the nutrients placed in your soil will remain there. Next, prepare soil by removing any debris and issues in your way. Then you will want to enhance the soil with something like turf builder from a local gardening store. Once everything is even. Seed and feed your lawn then cover up the seeds with a ¼ inch of dirt. Finally, water! You will want to water frequently to help the seeds take root and grow.


When you opt for a professional landscape designer you will often have the benefit of rolled out turf rather than seeding your lawn. This is a much faster way to have the beautiful lawn you’re craving. From here, you will want to work with a professional like ours at Capital Landscape to get on track for your ideal grass.

Drought Resistant

Because both of the previous options require a lot of water and we are in a drought, it may be time to get your landscape done soon without worrying about issues like low water resources. AS xeriscaping or low irrigation landscape design can help you get either low maintenance grasses that are native to drier areas or you can look into replacing grass with a garden or other options.

Artificial and Synthetic Turf

Finally, because artificial and synthetic turf have a bad rap you may not have considered them yet for your landscape design. However, if you choose a landscape design today that is more appropriate for your needs like maintaining low water usage in our area, artificial turf is best. We have both animal friendly and low fade options that can keep your lawn looking beautiful without any really maintenance like mowing or watering. These landscape options are fantastic for any of your yards.



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