Equipment Maintenance

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Tips to help you maintain all your lawn equipment with help from our partners at Angiest List (

  • Pick up some literature. Everything mechanical that you buy will come with a how to guide and manual for your landscaping use. Don’t forget to look through your literature. It can truly help you know how to not only maintain your landscape but also maintain landscaping options that help you make your tools last much longer.
  • Don’t store gas in your mower. It is imperative to stop rusting and other mechanical issue that you do not under any circumstance leave gas in your mower year round. Drain it after the busy season. If you mow less in the spring then drain it then. Your Roseville lawn mower will thank you.
  • Air filters- you blower alongside your edges, weed whacker, and mower all have air filters. It is extremely important to clear these out frequently and help your lawn clear itself more effectively. This can help you to establish the best care for your landscaping tools.
  • Get some help from a professional. A lawn care maintenance plan or a regular visit from a landscaper will work wonders for your tools and your landscape alike.


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