Biggest Lawn care Mistakes

bigstock-Mulching-Around-The-Bushes-33785984Mind the Grass

Your Roseville lawn is more sensitive than you may know. With so many landscape design options you probably think your biggest mistake has nothing to do with your grass but in reality, letting your lawn go long periods of time without properly caring for it will destroy the biggest installment in your lawn. Grass can be damaged by either over waters or mowing improperly. First, over watering your lawn will result in issues like diseased grass and soggy soil that can actually kill off grass rather than improve it. Next, your landscape mistake is mowing your grass to short. This will scalp your lawn and actually dry it out as well as ensure that it will no longer be protected from harsh direct sunlight.

Flower Power Means Paying Attention

The biggest issue you might have with your landscape design is likely tied up with not giving your flowers the proper amount of sunlight. Some flowers need little light while others thrive in direct sunlight. If you take the time to learn about your landscape design and your flowers then you will be better equipped to give them the right amount of care and attention on a regular basis. Caring for your flowers by giving them what they need will protect your landscaping investment.

Shrubs make the Rocklin Backyard

Not going drought tolerant is the biggest mistake you will make this year with your shrubs. Shrubs that require you to break the bank in water usage for your landscape will prevent you from getting to enjoy your landscape rather than simply just affording it. Don’t make the mistake of under caring for your landscape today.

Trees matter in a Sacramento Landscape Design

The worst mistake I see people make in regards to their trees is not establishing them all the way when they begin to grow and develop. When you plant a tree you need to water frequently and care for it and then when it is established you can benefit from its drought tolerant abilities. Don’t neglect the area around the base of your tree nor the trees roots of you will end up with a Roseville landscape catastrophe.

Soil for Roseville Landscape Success

Finally, by skipping out on your pH test you might just ruin your soil this coming year. You need to establish a good connection with your landscape soil and the healthy amount of lime and other components. If you take care of your soil, it will take care of your plants for many years to come. Try out different mulches or at home compost to help reintroduce nutrients to your over worked soil.

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