What Are Some of the Most Popular El Dorado Hills Landscape Designs?


El Dorado Hills is just a short drive away from our home base, so at Capital Landscape we work with a lot of homeowners that live in and around the area. Perhaps the best part about El Dorado Hill is that the entire city is practically a work of art. Every home and every property has character, and whether you come during the day or at night the city can be a real treat to tour.

It’s for these reasons that El Dorado Hills is also a popular place for landscape design. With homes that already exude personality, many homeowners add features to their yards to make their entire property more enjoyable, both for aesthetics and functionality.

The Common Landscape Additions in El Dorado Hills

Interestingly, there is not necessarily a clear trend in landscape designs in the El Dorado Hills area. Like its residents, the homes of the city tend to vary in personality, which of course means they vary in landscape styles as well. But we have noticed some slight trends in some of the homes we’ve worked with in the past few years. These include:

  • Drought Resistant Landscaping/Xeriscaping

Drought tolerant landscaping is a trend pretty much everywhere these days. The heat and lack of water has convinced many homeowners that the best way to design their landscape is with less grass and less watering. It is especially hot in El Dorado Hills, so drought tolerant landscaping becomes a greater necessity. We don’t see artificial turf that often yet, but we suspect it will pick up in the next few years.

  • Landscape Lighting/Ambiance

Many El Dorado Hills homes already have the landscapes, but they’re lacking the outdoor lighting. If you want to be truly impressed by some of the homes in the city, you have to see what it looks like at night. Many of the homes give off the most romantic and relaxing vibes that you’ll find anywhere in Northern California. Homeowners that want to create the same ambiance for their homes invest in outdoor lighting.

  • Water Fixtures and Pools

It’s hot. That probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but the heat of the Sacramento/Roseville/El Dorado Hills area is so intense that many homeowners are looking for something to make them feel as though they are closer to water and coolness. In some cases this is functional, like a pool. But often it’s something that simply makes the landscape “feel” cooler, like waterfalls, ponds, etc. They may not actually affect the heat, but they often feel like they do.

  • Patios and Patio Covers

Of course, El Dorado Hills landscaping is meant to be functional as well, and while the heat can be almost unbearable, it is just bearable enough that spending more time outdoors is desirable. So we’ve seen a lot of patio installation. Patios and patio covers are a popular way to enhance a property while increasing its functionality.

  • Barbecues

Finally, with the patios come the barbecues and outdoor kitchen. It tends to cool down fairly quickly at night, while staying warm enough that it’s possible to eat outdoors. And so outdoor barbecues in El Dorado Hills are also very popular. We do a lot of fire pit installation as well, which is slightly different, but the trend is on a slight downward slope in favor of barbecues instead since barbecues have more of a family appeal.

Other Trends in El Dorado Hills Landscaping

In some ways this list is a bit misleading, as most of our clients use us as their comprehensive El Dorado Hills landscaper. Our landscape architects design a completely new landscape that is based on both the vision of the client and the look of the property, and everyone has their own unique vision. That means that our designs are always different, and what appears to be a trend now may not be a trend forever.

Nevertheless, the above list represents some of the more common landscaping choices that are being made in El Dorado Hills, and it will be interesting to see what new changes take place as more and more people utilize our landscaping services.

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