Best Types of Mowers


Capital Landscape and Grass vs. Artificial Turf

Here at Capital Landscape we always recommend artificial or synthetic turf first, the real stuff is water consuming and time consuming. We offer many different promotions for landscape designs that include artificial turf as a replacement for their grass. With that being said, landscaping generally includes the real stuff; green grass. And we want to teach you how to maintain it as best you can. Lawn mowers are an essential part of your lawn care maintenance. If you are used to generally using a professional lawn care specialist in the greater Sacramento area then you likely do not need our help. However, this is for those DIY clients that want some help on mowing their Roseville backyard the right way, and yes there really is a right way.

Determine What You Need in a Mower

How much mower does your landscape need? Do you need a push mowers, a sit down, a manual mower or what? Before picking the right brand, first you must establish the right type. Things you might want to consider include the following: how much do you want to spend, how big is your lawn, who will be mowing it, are you willing to pay for gas, and do you want or need to mulch. For standard Roseville lawns you will want something simple or small. If you are on a tight budget, pick a manual reel mower that doesn’t require gas or electricity. Sure, you’ll get a good workout in but these are great for the environment and can be really great for your grass as well. For stronger but still eco friendly models, try an electric or battery powered mower. And if you really have a lot of lawn, your best option to save on time is a sit mower that can get you going right away. Honestly, there are different types of mowers

Gas vs. Push

While a gas mower is more convenient, we will always recommend a push mower first simply for the ecological and economic reasons. First, push reel mowers are cheaper than gas powered, reel mowers have little to no emissions. And according to the EPA a gas powered mower is 11 times worse for the environment. These push mowers on reels are much more reliable, they last longer, and you will never have a mechanical problem. However, if you have a large area of grass, they are not time effective for people with as much as an acre for their front yards. We recommend that they find an electric alternative or hire an eco-conscious landscape care provider.

Popular Mechanics Best Picks of the Year

Models and types that have repeatedly recommended in our area are as follows:

  • Craftsman 37436- This small mower works quickly and is easy to push.
  • John Deere JS36- Easy to operate is has a great pivoting top handle and is more affordable than many other push gas mowers.


If you want to get rid of your turf all together and opt for artificial or synthetic turf, contact us now for a free estimate.

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