Tree Care: 2nd Spring Pruning


Landscape Care in Roseville during February

Because any garden is at its most dormant in February, pruning can have a huge impact on reawakening your plants and getting them back to working order. Anything that was forgotten over the winter or fall must be dealt with now in order to preserve your landscape and its optimum heath as we enter spring. While many of these blogs seem to focus on preparing for spring, this is one that is exceptionally important if you have many trees or shrubs in your landscape design. Preparing a home for spring is much like keeping your landscape design beautiful for when the flowers bloom, and we don’t want you to miss any vital opportunities.

Trees to Begin Pruning in Your Landscape:

  • Maples- before they begin to come back, it is important to your Rocklin landscape that you prune your maple trees. When they are still dormant they will bleed much less than other plants so it’s a great use of time to prune before March comes around.
  • Gum Trees- These include anything from eucalyptus to other types of gum trees like black gum, you want to cut back on all the annual growth on both sides with heavy hands. They can be cut back quite a bit before spring and produce really well in the warmer months.
  • Fruit Trees: Pruning your fruit trees can help them produce more blooms in the spring. Remove lower branches to keep the trunk clear for several feet up all around. A clear stem allows for them to grow cascading branches.

For more pruning advice please visit to look into your specific trees:

Sacramento Landscaping and your Tree Care

Pruning your trees in February allows for them to grow better than ever before. Every year you can improve the wellbeing of your Roseville trees or you can leave them to fend for themselves. Imagine what your body would be like without a few trips to a hairdresser, gym, or doctor. The same goes for your landscaping. With some manicuring in the right sports you can improve the growth and quality of your Sacramento landscape.


Want to Upgrade your Landscape?

If you are looking for a landscape design and other improvements to have luscious and water wise yard visit our site and make a free consultation. Our experts can help rescue any landscape and transform it into your truly beautiful landscape and gardening dream.



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