Irrigation Tune Ups

Irrigation in Sacramento

Irrigation in Sacramento

Sprinklers in for Sacramento Turf

Sprinklers serve a vital part in your Sacramento backyard maintenance. Landscape architects don’t just install them randomly to blanket water you lawn. Sprinkler heads and spray irrigation serve a vital purpose in your landscape care. They are great viable options to care for your turf. Spray sprinklers are installed for uniform watering of large expanses of grass, not for small or delicate water systems. When you need to cover the same patch of grass thoroughly, we recommend installing a spray sprinkler system with good controls switches. This means you want sprinklers that you can control to help stick to water limitations.

Drip System

A drip system is used to water the base and roots of individual plants or plant groups. Spraying your flowerbed would result in violent landscape design death. However, if you want to keep your Roseville backyard looking good, use a drip system at the base of delicate plants to keep the sun from cooking them and the spray’s force from wilting them. Additionally, you will use drip for bunches or trees because this way you can make sure none of the water is wasted on anything but the actual watering of the plant. Drip lines however do require maintenance because the tubing is often strung above ground and can be easily damaged. You want to protect your irrigation systems in your Granite Bay homes by utilizing landscaping options like maintenance.


Sprinkler maintenance begins and ends with a good lawn care professional. Maintenance includes checking the control system for short circuits and even potentially upgrading an older system control to one with more control options to better conserve water. Similarly, maintenance includes checking each drip line and sprinkler head to ensure that they are working according to how they ought to be. Any leaks could mean hundreds of wasted dollars on water bills. Checking to make sure that your drip lines have not been moved or disconnected will ensure that your gardening will be possible all spring and summer long even with shortages in water.

Signing up for a regular sprinkler maintenance plan ensures that you will have a working irrigation system all year long. Many irrigation systems come with a warranty so keep track of new purchases and you can ensure that your systems work as long as they were guaranteed to.

Landscape Design

A great irrigation system begins with water-wise landscape design. This means that the watering should be included in your landscape plan when you are working with a Roseville landscape architect. Construction follows a great plan and watering should not be an afterthought to your process. Including every drip line and sprinkler head, as well as, pipes will give you assurance from the very beginning that you irrigation is up for the task of caring for your lawn.

If you do not have a landscape design and would like to learn more about considering irrigation in your lawn, contact us now for your free estimate!

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