Preparing For Spring: Mowing Techniques


Having a healthy lawn Matters

Simply pushing a mower across your lawn does much more than add a bit of curb appeal, mowing your lawn is about managing both your soil and the health of your grass. When you decide to mow your lawn you are maintaining your entire Roseville landscape design and preventing long term erosion. It’s amazing how these simple practices can effect much more than just your neighbor’s opinion of your grass height. When you take the time to trim your grass, you are encouraging your lawn to produce more oxygen, filter more air, and redirect nutrients in a vital and life sustaining way. Similarly, mowing your lawn can prevent ticks and other parasites from thriving in your well-manicured Sacramento landscaping.

Back to the Basics: Lawn care Tips for Mowing

Don’t mow when ground is soggy:

The biggest mistake people make when taking care of their landscape is mowing when it’s soggy. When you mowing your lawn when it’s soggy your mower will compress your lawn into the ground and progressively undo any aeration you had. Also, you will find that you make tire imprints into the ground leaving unattractive tracks on your lawn.

Make sure lawn mower blade is sharp-

Mowing your lawn with a dull blade is a great way to ensure that your landscape will look bad. The dull blades cut grass unevenly and can tear rather than neatly shear the grass. By mowing with a dull blade you can kill your grass or leave the ends looking dead and ripped apart.

Don’t wear open toed shows-

This may seem like common sense but you would be surprised how many people we see out in their lawns with just a pair of flip flops pushing a high powered mower. Walking behind your mower in open toed shoes is like asking for an accident. Tennis shows or work boots are an ideal footwear for all your gardening needs. For the more avid gardener, try some hunter boots that are easily to clean and comfortable to work in for long hours.

Set your mower to the middle setting this time of year-

Because scalping your lawn is never a good idea, try putting your mower at the medium setting and cut it to be about three or so inches long. This will help maintain your lawn without overdoing it and also leaving room for your lawn to absorb water. In terms of water conservation, leaving your grass fairly long will allow for your lawn to keep water safe from the suns tendency for evaporation.

Change your mow pattern each time you mow to avoid ruts-

Finally, never mow in the same direction twice. Start your mowing cycle in a different section of your lawn every time you mow. If you always start in the same section and follow the same pattern you will find that your lawn has permanent indents in the direction of your mowing which does not make for a smooth looking landscape.


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