Up Your Curb Appeal


First off, let’s determine what kind of space you have to work with. If you have a small yard to landscape, keep clutter elimination in mind. If your space is limited, the most important thing when designing your space is to make sure you don’t over crowd the yard by putting in too many things.

With the multitude of options available, it’s easy to do too much in too little a space.  The resulting landscape is busy and cluttered.   Have you ever  thought “Wow! There is way too much goin’ on in their yard!” when driving through a neighborhood? I know I have.

Designing your front yard is all about balance and coordination. Choose only a few complimenting pieces that will bring your yard together in unity. Spectacular yards aren’t thrown together in one day. Developing a design is the hardest part of landscaping. It takes a lot of time and dedication to create an outstanding yard.

You’ll find that once it’s all finished, and it looks just like you imagined, you and your yard will have a whole new level of confidence. Your neighbors will see just how wonderful your new yard is, and it will most likely inspire those around you to invest in landscaping their yard too! So not only do you get a fresh new space, but everyone who drives past your yard will be impressed and inspired.

Let’s talk about some things you can add to your yard to spruce it up!

  • Retaining walls
    1. Locate where in the yard you want it (they make good seats as well)
    2. Figure out what material you want your wall to be made from. (Stone, brick etc…)
  • Walkway/paths
    1. Typically paths are placed for decoration or to serve a purpose.
    2. Figure out the material you want the path to be. (Moss rock stepping stones, brick, cement, stone etc…)
  • Wooden Foot Bridge
    1. Bridges add a unique look to the yard and spruce things up a bit.
  • Water Feature (i.e. creek, pond, stream)
    1. Water creates ambience and relaxation.
    2. Bird Baths, Fountains, Ponds, or a small stream under your bridge
  • Gardens
    1. Adding flowers to the yard will draw attention to your space. Plant some of your favorites and let the yard sparkle with color.
    2. Flowers can be great focal points to your yard.
  • Shade Trees, Shrubs, Flowering Trees
    1. If your house is often overheated in the afternoons due to direct sunlight, putting in shade trees might be your best bet. There are also decorative trees that will add the perfect look to your yard.
  • Irrigation/Drainage
    1. Rainy season is coming; don’t let your yard flood! If you don’t have a drainage system yet, hurry and have it installed before winter arrives.
    2. Lawns are generally the first thing people notice about your front yard; make sure to install an irrigation system to keep your lawn flourishing!
  • Gazebo/Arbors
    1. These are great focal points for your yard. Add a touch of class by training vines to your gazebo or arbor.
    2. These handy structures also can be efficient for shading the yard. Depending on the size, your arbor can provide the perfect blockage of sunlight in those dreaded hot months.

What are you waiting for!? Now is the perfect time to landscape!

Get everything installed BEFORE the rainy season! If you need help, just ask. Capital Landscape prides itself on having excellent customer satisfaction.

We want you to enjoy your yard more than anything else! I have given you some ideas on what you can do with your front yard, so let’s get to it. Here at Capital Landscape, we want you to feel comfortable and assured that you’re getting the best help and service available. Give us a call and we will set you up with the best of the best and you’ll have a fantastic front yard in no time! Don’t put this off another year, now is the time!


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