Winter Prep Tips


Fall is finally here and we’d like to offer some tips to help you get your yard ready for the colder weather that,  SHOULD be here soon.
Below are 10 easy things that will help your landscaping look better when March and April come around.

They are in no particular order; do one or do all ten! Your spring will be brighter and your yard will thank you!

  1. Go easy on the pruning ~ Lots of people want to get rid of old growth and think that removing it will help guard against frost/freeze damage. To the contrary pruning will encourage growth and your new, young foliage will have no defense when Jack Frost comes round!!!
  2. Don’t put away the hose ~ Even though your lawn and shrubs need less water when the temp lowers, they still need a drink every now and then. In deciding when, and how much to water, you will need to not only consider when it rained, but more important, how much rain fell.
  3. Transplant ~ Fall is a great time to minimize transplant shock. The roots will have time to grow and settle in. Your tree/shrub will look right at home in the spring, because it did not have heat and insect stress and could put all its energy into root growth.
  4. Clean the pond/fountain ~ Now is the time to set yourself up for a successful spring!! Remove fallen leaves and twigs from your pond, if you don’t have fish, consider covering your pond for the winter to protect it from the harsh conditions. Slow down or stop feeding fish. As the weather gets colder they need less/no food. Feeding will promote algae and may make your fish sick.
  5. Feed your Lawn ~ If you only have time to do one thing, do this! Fertilize your lawn with the proper fertilizer.  This will promote root growth and your lawn will thrive next year. A healthy root system is important for a good looking lawn and will lower your water bill as well!!
  6. Repair Summer’s Damage ~ While you are working on the lawn, and before the temps drop too much, repair those bare spots. Use a fast germinating lawn seed, or get a roll of sod for an instant fix. The roots will have time to get established, and with less traffic on the lawn, the repair spots will blend in no time and will look great next year.
  7. Mulch ~ A good layer of mulch will help insulate the root system of your yard and will help reduce those pesky weeds for months to come. Don’t worry, a light top dressing in the spring is all it takes to make the mulch look great.  Plus,  it will be easier and cheaper than doing it all at once.
  8. Go Shopping ~ There are some great deals RIGHT NOW at your local home improvement store. Perennials on closeout will make adding plants to your yard a deal!! End of season discounts are great. Make sure that you get plants that will withstand the winter. Those will have roots that are well established over the winter will have a years growth on them come the spring, making them look established!
  9. Think Spring ~ Plant your bulbs and tubers now! They will need the cold temps to flower well and you want the roots to establish before it gets too cold.
  10. Evaluate ~ Fall is a great time to take a look around and figure out what worked this year.  More important, figure out what didn’t work.   Move a flower bed, transplant a tree, add a water feature, take out concrete and add some sod. This is the time of year to make your plans. Most things will do GREAT if they are installed now!

There is still time to get a few of these, or all 10, done and you will be so happy you did when warmer temps come around again. Clean-up, fix-up and get ready for a great spring!!!

If your ideas are a little more grand than your back, or will take a little more time than you have in the day, give Capital Landscape a call 916-783-5080.

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