Create your Own Fire Pit

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in 5 Simple Steps

Fall is here!!!!

Fall is here!!!!


Yikes, there was that excessive excitement again. I just can’t help it. I LOVE this fall weather! The days are warm.  You don’t have to be bundled up all day.  But come evening, there’s nothing more perfect than wrapping up in a blanket, cranking up the firepit and watching the stars.   A bonus is the evenings are longer so you don’t have to wait until 10:00 PM to be able to see the stars.

But wait, you don’t have a backyard firepit??? How can that be? A fire pit is one of the simplest focal points/social gathering place you can add to your back yard!!! Your house will be the place to be this fall after you put in your firepit!!!

Here’s how you create your own fire pit in 5 simple steps:

  1. Pick the location. While this may seem like the quickest decision, it should be well thought out. What are you going to use for seating around it? Make sure it is far enough away from nearby structures so that there is no risk of fire.
  2. Mark out the area where your firepit will be and remove the sod. QUICK TIP: To make perfect circle use a stick with a string attached and a can of spray paint to mark out your circle.
  3. Place pea gravel on the dirt to make a level surface to lay your blocks and to provide drainage.
  4. Pick the block you want to use. If you are not a master mason, go with a dry stacking block. Keystone firepits are easy to make with the Keystone blocks found at your local home improvement store. DO NOT use a block that requires adhesives as they may melt and give off toxic fumes.
  5. Bring on the firewood, chairs, marshmallows and cocoa!!

I hope you enjoy your new fire pit!! Nothing like cuddling up with your sweetie next to the fire!!!

If you think those steps are more work than you want to do. Or, want to do something more elaborate feel free to give us a call for a free consultation and estimate at your home!!! We look forward to seeing you. If you do it yourself we would love to see your pics!!!


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