Worms For Soil Prep

soil prep

Roseville Gardening Benefits:

Part of keeping your Roseville landscaping thriving is having a great green thumb to keep everything alive and well. Gardening for any small space can be just as difficult as gardening for the big ones. In order to better care for these spaces and prep your soil for spring, thinking about worms may not be in the front of your mind, but it can make a world of difference in your landscape. Worms are often called nature’s plough which means they can help recirculate all the vitamins and nutrients into your soil. It is an excellent natural way to help your Roseville backyard stay fresh and alive even in the direst weather.

Composting with Worms

Adding worms to your natural compost is an organic way to double the efficiency and usefulness of your yard. If you take the time to compost then purchasing some worms to the pile will allow for you’re to speed up the decomposition process and have hot and live compost for your gardening projects. In drought years, you will find that compost is key in keeping things alive even when there is a lack in water.


As the natural recyclers of natures, worms will eat your garbage and create it into the darkest best dirt you’ve ever seen. They consume so much on a daily basis that YOU CAN HAVE A GOOD AMOUNT OF HEALTHY DIRT IN NO TIME AT ALL. As long as you keep them contained, you can enjoy their natural benefits and grow your Roseville landscape.


Warmer times of the year are best for worms to survive. You can compost with them any time of the year as long as you provide a dark, damp, and well fed location for them to live that retains heat. For fresh compost begin your landscape renovations early like in January so that by the time things are blooming you have plenty of fresh worm compost.

Buying Worms

Worms are usually sold by the pound. Start small in order to get a grip on maintaining them for your California landscape. Many local garden supply stores and farmers will sell worms during warm times of the year. As we are entering spring, begin looking for a good worm dispenser in your area.

Long-Term Benefits

  • They can aerate your lawn and keep your landscape green
  • They move soil which makes planter boxes better for growing
  • Prevention for soil erosion
  • Creation of highly nutritious dirt or composed organic matter

If you want to begin your Roseville garden, contact us today for a free consultation and see how affordable a brilliant landscape can be for you!


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