3 Ideas for Rocklin Landscape Design

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Rocklin is a unique area. Its small community is prime residential real estate, with many properties sitting on top a lot of land. At Capital Landscape, we get called in for Rocklin landscape design often, because few designers know and understand the Rocklin area like we do.

Custom landscapes are always based on an individual’s personality, the land, and the home design. But there are some issues that you need to consider if you’re planning on doing landscape design in Rocklin.

Rocklin Climate and Landscape Design

Rocklin has a similar climate to the rest of the Greater Sacramento area, and if you’ve been to the Greater Sacramento area recently, you know that that climate is “hot.” Summers can be 95 degrees with no wind and no cloud cover. It’s because of this climate that you may want to consider different landscape additions.

  • Shade/Cover

First and foremost is shade. You’ll want to consider adding some type of shade features to your backyard. If you’re going to try to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll probably want something above you so that you can get a break from the hot sun when necessary.

  • Less Watering

You may also want to consider hardier plants and drought resistant solutions in your Rocklin landscape design. It’s not simply the heat that you need to worry about, or the use of water, but rather the shifts in temperature over the course of the year and the 30 degree drops in temperature day to night.
Rocklin also gets very little rain naturally, so you have to water often if you have needy plants. Hardier plants or xeriscaping (drought resistant landscaping) are great choices in this area.

  • Size Matters

Rocklin properties also tend to be larger than the average Sacramento property. That means that you have more space to work with, that can both take advantage of the warm weather and give you space when you need a break. Consider activities that you would do often when you take advantage of the weather. For example, at Capital Landscape we can create a putting green or basketball hardscape, so that you can spend more time enjoying the warmth without leaving home.

Working With a Rocklin Landscape Designer

Rocklin is a great place to live, and a great place for a custom landscape. Share your visions with your landscape designer, but keep the above tips in mind as you decide how to work with your property. You may find that there are ideas that you can implement that will make you love your property even more.

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