5 Tips for Green Landscaping in Folsom

Green Landscaping Folsom

Folsom is one of the greenest communities in the Central Valley, both figuratively and literally. There is a lot of green around Folsom, especially as you get closer to the ravine, and the community itself is pretty geared towards natural foods, health, and other “green” lifestyle choices.

Homes in Folsom tend to have a lot of landscape to work with, and as a Folsom landscaper, we’re often called upon to develop comprehensive landscape designs for local residents. While every design is different, there are some themes that we see when it comes to green landscaping, and recommendations that we like to give our customers.

How to Make a “Green” Landscape

  • Use Less Grass/No Grass

One of the most common trends to is to simply avoid turf altogether, or at least as much as possible. Grass takes a lot of water and time to maintain. It’s good for the environment, but it’s also prone to pests (like mosquitos) and disease that all require chemical treatments, in addition to a significant amount of water use. Artificial turf or turf free designs can be just as attractive without the problems.

  • Local Plants

Another option is to use only native plants to decorate your lawn. While the drought and weather changes have affected the health and maintenance of native plants, in general native plants tend to survive better in local climates, which means that using plants native to Folsom should decrease your need for water.

  • Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Similarly, an important part of having a green landscape is reducing the need for regular pest control treatments outdoors, and since the ravine and local water tend to attract a lot of mosquitos, this is incredibly important. Luckily there are plants that can help repel mosquitos, like Bee Balm, Citronella, Marigolds, and Catnip. Plant some in your yard and you may be able to reduce chemical sprays.

  • Edible Plants

A true “Green Landscape” also gives back to your family, and edible plants do just that. You can create an entire garden or yard out of edible plants, and be able to skip out on a few trips to the busy Iron Point Whole Foods by going on your landscape and making a backyard salad.

  • Solar Power

You can also consider the installation of solar power as part of your landscape, but to take care of landscape-specific features (like lighting) or to help power your home. Solar powered landscape designs add a lot of value to the home, especially in and around Folsom, and so adding some type of solar plan to your custom Folsom landscape could be a great investment as well.

Creating a Custom Folsom Landscape Design

Folsom is an outdoor community, with trails and bike lanes across the entire city. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy your own backyard more? For the person looking for a green, natural landscape design, the above tips will help you determine what changes you want to make, and help your Folsom landscaper figure out the best way to meet your desires.

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