Benefits of Adding Seat Walls to Your Landscape

seat wall

Seat walls are an important part of any functional landscape design. They’re often used primarily as a visual break, since they’re able to help separate the different parts of the landscape. But they’re also designed to be functional – since the purpose of most landscape designs is to spend more time outside.

Seat walls come in all shapes and sizes, and are a simple, easy addition to your landscape design. Most are made of stone, but they can be made of wood or marble as well.

Why Seat Walls?

There are a lot of benefits to adding seat walls to your landscape design. A small sample of these benefits include:

  • No Need for Chairs – Imagine you want to have an impromptu outdoor barbecue. With seat walls installed, you don’t need to worry about chairs, seating, or anything. You can simply walk outside and sit and eat, with no stress. It’s a simple way to make your landscape more functional.
  • No Distraction – Similarly, compared to chairs and tables that need to be placed outside, the seat walls are a part of the landscape design. They fit. They won’t stand out, look awkward, or take away from the beauty of the landscape because they are a part of the landscape. This is especially true when they are made of stone.
  • No Excess Space – Most seat walls are a part of a wall that needed to be planted anyway as part of the landscape – for example, to cut the grass off from a walkway, or to finish the surroundings of a fire pit. Since the wall was already going to take up that space, adding the seat takes up significantly less space in your landscape than if you were to add chairs or seating areas.

Seat walls are not necessarily separate seats either. Often it is simply a wall that is placed at the perfect height for sitting, with a comfortable top so that you can enjoy your landscape design.

You can also make sure that your seat walls use materials that will deflect the heat, which is especially important in Sacramento summers, and your seat walls can also double as protection from fire pit heat.

Overall, a seat wall may not have been something you originally thought about in your landscape design, but if you live near Sacramento it’s a great way to save space and add more functionality to your landscape architecture.

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